The Elsevier mathematics open archive was available under a fairly permissive licence as of 2013. This licence included the right to redistribute on a non-commercial basis, under certain terms. Later, they quietly changed their licence to explicitly prohibit any right to redistribute.

This is unacceptable --- the mathematical community needs to be certain we have ongoing access to the older literature.

This webpage contains the Elsevier mathematics open archive up to 2009, downloaded in 2013 under the original licence, which included the right to redistribute. If you would like to download these, and in particular if you would like to further redistribute, please do so under the terms of their licence (originally at´╗┐), included here:

Elsevier also provides access to archived material through our Open Archives. These articles are published in a subscription journal and after a journal-specific embargo period, Elsevier enables these articles to become open access.

Once the articles have been made open access, they will have specific user rights defined by a bespoke license tailored for the research environment, detailed below:

Open Archive articles: are protected by copyright and may be used for non-commercial purposes. Users may access, download, copy, display, redistribute, adapt, translate, text mine and data mine the articles provided that:

Use of published articles for commercial purposes is prohibited. Commercial purposes include:

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