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Scott Morrison

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I've submitted my thesis, and apparently have a doctorate now.

There's also a 3 page synopsis, for anyone who'd like something longer and more motivational than just the abstract.


I'm a postdoctoral researcher working in Microsoft's Station Q, at UC Santa Barbara. Most of my work has to do with spiders for A_n, and foams and Khovanov categorification. My mathematics page has some more details, and links to papers. My thesis was on spiders for A_n. I did my PhD at UC Berkeley, working with Vaughan Jones.


My recent photos are all on picasaweb. There are some photos online here, of various past trips and events. I also have a catalogue of slides from long ago.

A panorama of Mt. Everest (see my other photos from Nepal)


I try to keep a list of all the bushwalking and climbing (and everything else, I guess) trips I go on. It occasionally gets out-of-date, but it is mostly within a month of accuracy. It might not necessarily be too interesting reading - on the other hand, it does have links to trip reports where available, which might be useful to some people. There is also the occasional link to photos, etc.

At Berkeley I used to do things with CHAOS. Some years ago I helped run the Bushwalking and Mountaineering Club at the University of New South Wales. It's a wonderful club - if you're at UNSW, you really should go along to a meeting and get involved.

I'm largely to blame for the UNSW Buildering homepage (and for many of the exploits described therein).


I'm also a keen juggler. I have a small but growing page containing causal diagrams and animations, generated by JoePass. This page nows lives at the Berkeley Juggling Club webpage. You can have a look at my photos from Berkeley Juggling Club, and other photos from the Lodi convention.


Old Stuff

While looking at the history of this page should give you an idea of how this page has changed, you can also see a snapshot of my homepage in early 2003.