Topology and Representation Theory at Kioloa 2013 December 9-14

Program Description

Topology and Representation Theory at Kioloa will be held December 9-14 (Monday-Saturday) at the ANU Coastal Campus at Kioloa.

Information for participants

The organizers will arrange accommodation for all participants. Talks will be held in a classroom. Map.


  • Scott Morrison (ANU)
  • Tony Licata (ANU)
  • Joan Licata (ANU)
  • Oded Yacobi (Sydney)
  • Geordie Williamson (Max Planck - Bonn)
  • Peter McNamara (Sydney)
  • Sebastian Mueller (ANU)
  • Martina Lanini (Melbourne)
  • Vigleik Angelveit (ANU)
  • Brett Parker (ANU)


Scott Morrison, The $x$-colour theorem
I'm planning to say what the "x-colour theorem" is, explain an idea for proving some of the remaining open cases, and give some representation theoretic generalizations which are even more open.
Joan Licata, mapping class groups of surfaces and braid groups
Geordie Williamson, Counter-examples to conjectures of Lusztig and James
Modular representation theory attempts to understand the representations of groups in finite characteristic. I will spend a bit of time explaining why one cares. Basic questions are much harder than in characteristic zero, but often one attempts to relate "modular" to "quantum at a root of unity". I will explain why I think two of the most important conjectures in this area (due to Lusztig and James) are incorrect. Hence the "modular" vs. "root of unity" gap is bigger than we thought. Then I will try to speculate as to where to go from here.
Vigleik Angeltweit, Formal groups in stable homotopy theory
Martina Lanini, Moment graph combinatorics for semi-infinite flags


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