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This is my "Buildering Guide to UC Berkeley". There's limited detail in places, but it might be enough to point you in the right (or wrong...) direction. Please contribute corrections or additions; just create an account and edit.

I should point out that buildering is a really really bad idea, and the campus police are prone to get grumpy at you. They've been grumpy at me more than enough times. On the other hand, sometimes bad ideas are still quite fun, so I'd encourage you to make up your own mind. :-)

You might also want to look at an old UC Berkeley buildering guide, or my buildering guide for the University of New South Wales, although it hasn't had any additions in a few years.


Anyway, I thought you might want to add the climbing around the Davis Hall loading docks to your buildering guide. Also on the wall outside 101 Morgan has a wall sculpture that has some slopey climbing on it. (--W, 20081022)

Evans Hall

Evans Chimney
Just to the left of the southwest doors on the ground floor, there's a hardish chimney, up to the first floor level. Carl Mautner told me about this one.
Sometime later, Mike Freedman reported a variation from long ago -- once you reach the sloping ledge, traverse out left until you reach the arete. Mantel here, then up. Recently repeated by William Leung.
Evans Roof
From either the east or west balconies, it's easy to throw a rope up over a pillar, tie it off, and prussik up to the roof. There are plenty of anchors on the roof if you feel like rapping off. ([1])

Hearst Mining

Either side of the main door, there's an easy chimney, with a slightly harder top out. Perhaps provides access through the second storey windows?

Doe Library

The Doe Traverse
Need I say more? Try the lamppost variations. William Leung put up a nice video on YouTube [2]. Check out the great bouldering movie West Coast Pimp to see the final move.
The Doe Traverse Extension
Just keep going -- no climbing, this is just an exercise in ledge shuffling, at least as far as the main northern doors of the Doe Library.
On either side of the door in the middle of the door traverse, climb straight up (easiest is a double layback, on the arete), then hand traverse on a ledge until you can mantel onto the roof. (Various possibilities to enter the building here; including rappeling into the internal atrium, and through an unlocked window.)

North Gate

Scary - I haven't seen it done, but I've seen the pumpkins...


There's a hardish boulder problem up to the head on the south side.

As for the Campanile itself, various ascent techniques have been used over the years. One of my favourites (one of the Bryces?) involved serendipitously being up on the observation deck when the door to the stairs leading to the roof happened to be open, and having the presence of mind to duck behind that door, then waiting until closing time, removing the lock with a screwdriver (you do keep a screwdriver in your backpack, don't you?), driving down to a dodgy locksmith in Oakland, having a key made, then returning (you remembered to prop open the door, didn't you?), reinstalling the lock, and finally getting some sleep. A technique involving somewhat less luck is to lower off fishing line (lead weights come in handy) during the day (remember to separate the two ends, so they don't become hopelessly twisted), then return at night to pull up cord, then real rope, and then jumar up. Someone claims to know someone who's actually climbed the tile roof at the top...


Easy chimney problems on the south wall.


Beautiful center arch facing south. falling off would not be fun, so consider bringing a spot and a pad.--Carl 17:39, 13 November 2006 (PST)


Hearst Gym

Main pool
Find the shed up against the corner, at the eastern end of the wall below the north side of the main pool deck. Chimney up between the wall and the shed, step across to the ledge, then climb the fence.
Secret pool
Go up the stairs on the west side of the building (by the PFA). Head south, and climb out around a black wall. Continue around the edge of the building, until you reach the fence; climb up the right edge, through a gap in some barbed wire, and thence to the pool deck.
Really secret pool
I didn't even know this one existed until Keyhole (now Google Earth). Rap from the roof?

Old Leconte


5.9 cracks on the south wall, by the stairs.

Berkeley Art Museum

Haven't done this, but you could climb the shortest part of the wall, facing Bancroft, with a few hooks, a crashpad, and a little more experience on A4 than I ever want to have.

It turns out there's an even easier route. Walk into the parking lot on the east side of the building, from Bancroft. There's a section of wall lower than the rest. Either stand on a friend's shoulders, prop a plank against the wall, or be tall and do a hardish climbing move, to reach the top of this wall. Walk or crawl right, then follow your nose to the top.

Sather Gate

The Gate
easy enough to climb either pillar, and slightly harder to traverse out to the middle.
The Sather Redwood
It's the big tree immediately east of Sather Gate. Climb onto the knob, holding onto the bark, then reach up and left for the lowest branch. It's easy from there, and you can get a long way up!


The Tree

Cesar Chavez

It's easy to scramble up onto the roof, climbing a short wall at the south-east corner of the building.

Spieker Pool

It's pretty easy to climb the wall, to the right of the gate on Spieker plaza. You can also open the gate from the inside, if not all the party wants to climb.

Strawberry Canyon Pool

The fence can be climbed in many places, most easily at the main gate.

Strawberry Creek Culvert

Haas School of Business

Arch Entrance
Southwest corner of the school. Mantel up to the base (or use the drain spout on the northern arch, west corner facing into the plaza). Chimney up, then use the construction joints to get to the apex. Watch out for the security guards, though!