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Sadly, this page got out of date. Most of my photos now reside online at, hosted by google, who do a much better job than I ever managed. :-)

This is where I put up any photos I scan in for friends. I haven't been doing much scanning recently! Hopefully this will change when I start scanning slides. There's a (partial) catalogue of the slides Nina and I have been taking during 2002-2003.





  • A photo of Anne and I before Shaun's 'I like tweed' 21st birthday dinner.
  • Some pictures from my trip to Nepal.


  • During Spring Break I travelled to Big Bend National Park in Texas with the Penn State Outing Club.
  • After finishing up at PennState, I took some time to travel. Firstly, on the East Coast, including Boston, New York, and walking on Assateague Island.
  • After a brief return to State College, I spent a week in Utah with Jess and Andy, a week in Pasadena at Caltech, and a week hiking and climbing in Yosemite.