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Miscellaneous information about teaching I've done in the past. Why the hell are you looking at this?

  • Fall 2006 I'm teaching both sections of MATH 121A, "Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences", for Shamgar Gurevich. There's a page with the homeworks assignments.
  • I'm teaching two sections of Math 54 in Fall 2005. You should have a look at Ken's course page, and the google group. You can find the supplemental material from Boyce and DiPrima here.
  • During Spring 2005 I'm one the TAs for MATH 110, Linear Algebra. It's taught by Ken Ribet, who has a webpage for the course. Check there for details on homework, exam times, and other announcements. You should join the Google Group for the course. My sections are 8-9am, 24 Wheeler, and 9-10am, 105 Latimer. I'm holding office hours Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 3:00 to 4:30 on Tuesday, and 2:30-4:00 on Wednesday. Generally, they'll be in 1015 Evans, but if you don't find us there, I'll be down in my office, 747 Evans.
  • Fall 2004 MATH 53 for Kirby.
  • Spring 2004 I didn't teach!
  • Fall 2003 TA for MATH 53H, with Kevin Hare, no webpage.
  • During the Spring 2003 semester, I'm Head TA for MATH 54 and MATH 54M. I have a webpage with instructions about filling out the section preference form. If you want to change sections, or are on the waitlist, you must fill out this form and submit it to me! Enrollment from the waitlist into a section is not automatic. This semester I'm teaching the discussion section for MATH 54H, in 247 Cory. There'll be a review session this Thursday, May 15, from 4-6pm, in a room TBA. The lecturer is Laurent Bartholdi, and he has a web page listing what we've covered so far, and the homework. A preliminary list of grades is up. There are no names and numbers -- work out who you are yourself! I have a rough outline of some things you might want to know about linear algebra.
  • During the Fall 2002 semester, I'm Head TA for MATH 1B and MATH 55. I have a webpage with the relevant information if you want to change sections, or enter the course from the waitlist. I'm also teaching section 215 for MATH 54, for Prof. Ogus. He's got a webpage about the course. I was teaching discussion section 109 for MATH 55, until it got cancelled. The professor for MATH 55 is Allen Knutson, and he has a webpage about the course. You should look there for the latest information!� Unofficial grades for my section are here, listed by the last four digits of your student ID (except for two students, who I don't have IDs for - work out who you are from your midterm scores).
  • During the Spring 2002 semester I taught MATH 16B for Jenny Harrison. There's a webpage.
  • In Fall 2001 I taught MATH 1B for Vaughan Jones. You could look at my old teaching page if you really want.