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Most recent things first, right back into the dim mists of ancient history... (as time has passed, I've included more and more things on the list, that aren't strictly speaking 'trips', such as juggling festivals, conferences, protests, etc.)

Kate also has a trips list, which is often more up to date than mine.

Future trips -- pipe dreams and planning


Here are my estimates of "total nights out" per year: 2010: 35, 2009: 21, 2008: 51, 2007: 15, 2006: 32, 2005: 50, 2004: 57, 2003: 62, 2002: 58, 2001, ~35.


Deep Pass with Adrian

AustMS meeting in Ballarat

Pebbly Beach, in Murramarang National Park

"New Direction in Quantum Field Theory" conference in Hamburg, Germany


Moved to Canberra!


24 April, Ruth is born!

Bodega Bay/Doran Beach


Bodega Bay

Subfactors in Tahoe

Skiing with Chris

CHAOS cabin trip



Nov 23-26: Joshua Tree with Chaos
Left a day late because Simon was sick and recovering from anesthetic.

  • Climbed in Hall of Horrors with Justin and Delia
  • Walked around the Wonderland and found the Big Horn Sheep Mating Grotto with Dan K and three girls.

and then came home early, after a stop at desert hot springs, because Simon's stitches broke open.

Oct 29-Nov 12: Boston
Partly with Yossi Rahel and kids, part with Emily and Peter

Oct 27-29, Von Neumann algebras and Conformal Field Theory, Nashville, TN

Oct 9-27: Toronto
Partly with Joel and Hannah and kids, and part with Dror Yael and Itai.

Oct 7-9: Algebraic Aspects of Quantum Computing, SIAM Conference, Raleigh, NC

Sep 30-Oct 3: Bodega Bay with Dave Liz Mike James
Kayaked a little. It was very calm one day, Scott and Simon went a ways out from the ocean side and found an awesome little island with zillions of sea lions.

Sep 23-24: Point Reyes

  • Went to Erica and Melissa's wedding on Friday, and camped with the wedding party.
  • Met Athena Patrice Connie and Connie's mom and the Farmer's market and went for a walk starting at Limantour beach while Patrice and Scott ran, and met up at Sculptured Beach.

Sep 16-18: Lover's Leap with Dave Doris Maureen Tammy
We didn't do much real climbing, Simon practiced a bit.

Sep 1-2: Arroyo Seco with Adele

Aug 17-22: Tuolumne with Chaos

  • Climbed a little at the Bunny Slopes and played on Tenaya Beach
  • Walked up Mt Hoffman with Lizzy, Eleanor, Sophia, and two other 4/5 year olds and their moms. The 4/5 year olds all three walked the whole way on their own.
  • Hiked Cloud's Rest with Kurt and Sumi and a bog party
  • Went to Tenaya Slides with Cheryl Clif and Maureen. Late snow melts make a good year for slides! Then Simon climbed some on pothole dome.
  • Kate climbed Northwest Books with Cheryl, and Simon walked with Scott from Tenaya Lake up the creek to the Cathedral Lakes and the top of Medlicott Dome.

July 23-Aug 1: Kauai, camped on the beach at Haena before starting the Na Pali Coast hike on Sunday. We stopped at the intermediate camp on the way in and out, and got two full days at Kaulau beach in between. Amazing place, we will definitely go back sometime. Last two days on the island being lazy in Waimea canyon and on the beach.

July 17-23: Subfactors in Maui. We took an early morning boat to Molokini to snorkel on Wed, and went to see the dawn on Haleakala on Friday.

July 6-11: Grindstone Lake, MN with Kate's parents, Andy, Shushanie, Kiera, Rina and Renan. The weather was great, we spent the whole time in the water. Drove home in a crazy thunderstorm Sunday night.

July 1: Alamere Falls with Lou Pastro. A great day hike in Point Reyes, via Bass Lake.

June 24-26: Tuolumne with Kimberly. Goofed off in the meadow, there are still patches of snow. Scott and Kate climbed Great White Book on SPD while Simon threw rocks in Tenaya Lake with Kimberly.

June 10-12: Mark and Meg's wedding in Tahoe. Beautiful! Everyone camped on the lawn of a house on the lake.

May 28-30: Sonora Pass with Brian Michelle Kurt and Asaph. Spent one day on the snow west of the pass, came down to travertine and a campground the next day, and skied right at the pass on the last day.

May ??? conference at ASU.

May 6-8: Bodega Bay. Bandit camping at pomo canyon, and then a night at Vaughan's house. Simon went on his first kayak, and really enjoyed it.

April 29-May 2: Yosemite with Meg, Jen and Maureen. Climbed only a little bit on the base of el cap, we mostly threw lots of rocks in the Merced and sat in the meadow :)

April 12-17: Santa Barbara, Mike's birthday conference.

April 2-3: Yosemite with Jonathan and Pam. Jonathan had a sprained ankle, so no climbing. Snow in the campsite, Simon tried and liked the baby skis.

March 25-28: Skiing in Truckee with Chris Douglas and Jean and Emily Ford. Skied 3 half days at Squaw, Kate and I traded baby for skis at lunchtime each day. Fantastic new skis, copious amounts of snow.

Feb 22-27: Subfactors Ski Trip with Emily, Noah, Penneys, Mike, James. Skiied at Sierra at Tahoe one half day (switched with Kate watching Simon).

Feb 18-22: Calpine with Jim, Lucy and Kurt. We went in on skis this time. Lots and lots of snow.

Feb ???, interviews in Australia.

Feb 4-6: Chaos cabin Trip. Saturday ice climbing at Eagle Lake, Sunday snowshoeing around the base of Mt Tallac.

Jan 12-14: San Diego. Job talk at UCSD. Spent Friday at the zoo.

Jan 1-10: Australia

  • Jan 1-3 in Canberra.
  • Then to the Blue Mountains.
  • Jan 4 we went down the upper section of the north fork of Bowen creek canyon with Adele, Pam and Doug.
  • Jan 5 we liloed on the second section of the Wollangambe with Adele, Suzanna, Bob and Emily.
  • Jan 6 we went to Newness forest for the day to walk through the Glow Worm Tunnel, rode the Zig Zag railroad on the way. Glow worms are amazing, it is worth leaving your headlamp off.
  • Jan 7-9 in Leura. Walked down the Golden Staircase to Ruined Castle. Saw a big goanna on the trail.
  • Jan 10 in Sydney before flying home


Dec 23-Jan 1: Snowy Mountains with Brisbane family. Cousins left on the 28th, and Zoe and Anise came up the next day.

  • built a snowman with snow that Adele brought back from a mountain top the day after xmas.
  • walked from Charlotte's Pass around Blue Lake and over Mt Twynam on the 27th with Pam, Brett Adele and Tam.
  • Took the chair lift up and the walked the rest of the way to Mt Kosciuzsko, the highest point in Australia, on the 30th with Zoe and Anise and Barb and Russ.

Dec 2-20: Minnesota. Visiting Kate's family. Grandma Faye turned 80, but the party was cancelled because of a huge snowstorm.

Nov 23-29: Joshua Tree with chaos

  • Wednesday climbing in the Real Hidden Valley with Maureen and Kimberly, then Scott climbed at Lost Horse while we stayed warm in Kelly's van.
  • Thanksgiving we went to Indian Cove and walked up Rattlesnake Canyon with Owen, Delia, Dan K, Jonathan, Val, and Phil.
  • Friday climbing at Echo Cove, Little Rock Candy Mountain with Clif, Cheryl, Val, Phil, Justin, Delia, Owen, and Angela. Later met Kimberly at Stitcher Quits. We all went into town and the hot springs in the evening.
  • Sat climbing at Brownie Girl Dome with Alex, Owen, Dan K, Jonathan, Justin, Delia, Cheryl, Clif.
  • Sunday hiking in the southern part of the park, through the Choola garden and then to Lost Palms Oasis. Stayed the night before driving.

Nov 9-12: Pasadena. Job talk at Caltech

Oct 26-Nov 9: Kyoto with Noah.

Oct 22-24: Babies in Yosemite with Kian, Megan, Sean, Sabine, Kristen and Jamie. Rainy. Puttered around by Royal Arches Saturday morning, and hiked the Mist trail to Vernal in the afternoon. Sunday was very rainy, drank hot chocolate in the Ahwahnee before going home.

Sep 30-Oct 4: Bodega Bay

Sep 25-27: Matthes Crest with Kate, Simon, Mike, Kimberly and Adele.
Walked in on the John Muir trail over Cathedral pass, Mike, Kimberly and Kate did Matthes Crest the next day, while with Adele and Simon went for a hike on Tresidder. Mike and Kim left, and the next day with Adele we walked out on the Budd Creek trail.

Sep 14-20: Minnesota
Visiting Kate's family. Saw the great-grandparents, went to the lake.

Aug 28- September 5, Paris and Clermont-Ferrand
Paris for the day with Kate and Simon, in transit. Went to Notre Dame, the Pantheon, walked by the Eiffel Tower, the Park for the Invalides. After that train to Clermont-Ferrand for a conference on quantum groups. Dengue fever at the end, miserable day in a hotel near the Bastille before flying out.

Aug 3-28, India

  • We flew to Mumbai, arriving in the evening on Aug 4, and immediately took a taxi to a train station on the outskirts of the city. We were on the train until the next evening, when we arrived in Hospet and then did the short drive to Hampi, where we spent two days (the first day we saw the temples closest to town, the second day we rented bikes).
  • On Sunday, we took a bus to Guntakal, where we caught the train to Chennai. Stupidly, we had no train tickets, but fortunately we met some very nice people to sit with and everything worked out. We arrived in Chennai before dawn on Aug 9. Day trip to Mamallapuram, mostly at the conference.
  • On Aug 13 we got on another overnight train to go to Kerala, arriving in Alleppey on the day of the Nehru Trophy boat races. We somehow managed to walk into very good seats by the finish line, and spent all day at the races. the next two nights we spent in a houseboat, going very slowly through the backwaters. The engine broke partway through and resulted in a fiasco. After finishing that, we took a ferry to a nearby island/town, Chennamkary, which was stunning. We took a canoe out several times, and got to see the tiny canals with palms hanging over both sides. We stayed with a family there that takes in guests, and enjoyed 3 nights there with home cooked meals.
  • On Aug 20 with took a bus to Kochim and flew to Hyderabad, for another week of conference, the ICM. We stayed near Abids circle, went to Gonda Fort outside of town, spent some time in the crazy huge market at Charminar, ate delicious food. We went to particular street stall near our hotel everyday which has the best masala dosa ever. Had two shirts tailor made, which were finished in the nick of time for our train departing back to Mumbai on Aug 27. These train tickets were accidentally bought for the wrong day, so we bought general boarding tickets at the last moment, while the train was in the station.
  • We arrived in Mumbai before dawn on Aug 28, for one full day there. We saw the fish market at Sassoon dock as the sun came up, walked around town, bought some clothes. Went to Banganga, ate chaat (and kulfi) at Chowpatty beach, and headed to the airport after midnight.

July 23-24: Arroyo Seco with Jim and Lucy

June 29-July 19, Aspen, CO. Drive to Remington hot springs, near Lake Isabella. Miracle hot spring is nothing to write home about, but Remington is wonderful. The campsites on the Kern River by Miracle are very nice; 19 has a secluded nook behind the trees, can't see anything but the river in front of you. From there on to Zion. There's BLM camping at on the south of the road at mile 23, on the north of the road near mile 25. July 1 hiked the Narrows, and up Orderville Canyon above the first few difficulties. July 2 did the Subway from the bottom (to the top and down again, in fact). Beautiful! Simon had a great time, loved warm shallow water where it runs over the slabs, and did the happy dance after jumping in and out with me of a big deep pool! July 3rd Angel's Landing and Hidden Canyon, then July 4 on to Aspen for the Gauge Theory workshop. Hiked near Indepence Pass July 10, and Ute Trail out of Aspen. July 11 hiked to Buckskin Pass. July 15 climbed the Northeast Ridge of North Maroon Bell with Kevin and Tom Bridgeland. (photos) July 17-18 drove to the San Rafael Swell and walked up the Spring Wash into Eardly Canyon, then to Spencer hot spring in mid-NV. Back to Berkeley, stopping to run up the big white sand mountain along Hwy 50.

June 20-25, Categorification conference in Stony Brook. Went into Manhattan and had dinner with Daniel Trambaiolo one night.

June 8-14, Yosemite. Met up with Gio. Four mile trail to Union Point, climbed at Pat and Jack's with Jus and John. Kate climbed Great White Book with Brett, then all drove down to the Mammoth Hot Springs. Back to the Valley to climb Lurking Fear in a day with Gio.

June 4-6, Miller Symposium. Walked along the beach in the rain to Sculptured Beach on Friday.

May 21-25, Kimberley and Phil's birthday party in Yosemite. Climbed NE Buttress of Higher Cathedral with Gio in about 5 hours, then rained on. Climbed Royal Arches next day, and Monday/Tuesday camped up at Little Yosemite Valley.

May 10-19, NCGOA in Nashville. Mike Hartglass is "bad to the bone".

April 30-May 3, Bodega Bay, James, Dave, Mike, Harold, Anton, Lacra.

April 23-25, Henry Coe with Sean, Megan and Kian.

April 16-18, Yosemite, stayed at Hans Florine's cabin. Jen, Jeff, Val, Phil, Maureen, Owen.

April 8-15, Minnesota. Minneapolis AMS meeting on the weekend.

April 2-4, Skiing at Squaw, Peter Teichner, Chris Douglas, Emily Ford, Matt & Teena Hedden.

March 21-26, Loon Lake ski hut. Val, Megan, Maureen, Jen, Jeff, Phil, others arriving the day we left.

February 26-28, Beginner snowcamping trip, Mariposa Grove, Mark Thomas, Christie, Tom Bennett, Tinian, Megan, Kylie, Eddy, Reimundo.

February 15-21, Subfactor Ski Trip, South Lake Tahoe. Vaughan, Ian Jones, Dave, Mike, Harold, James, Feng Xu, Emily, Noah, Grace Kennedy, Ellie Grano.

February 12-15, Calpine, Justin Vanderbroucke, Dan Kocevski, Dave Lubertozzi.

February 5-7, CHAOS Cabin Trip, many people. Ice climbed Eagle Creek, snowshoed near Carson pass.

December 26 2009-January 21, Australia, New Zealand. Woodford Folk Festival, Sydney beaches, Birrabang with Simon, Empress without, a conference on link homology and TQFT in Hahei, two days in Rotorua and Raglan.


December 15-21, Minneapolis.

November 24-28, Joshua Tree. Climbed at Hall of Horrors Wednesday, Voice's Crag and R??? Dome on Thursday. The Wonderland traverse with Kate, Simon, Kurt and Carole Nuttall on Friday. (kml)

November 13-15: Yosemite with Kate, Simon, Mum, Sumi, Kurt, Ann, Xavier and others. Climbed Saturday at Reed's Pinnacle, Sunday at Pat and Jack's.

November 9-11, Bodega Bay

November 6-8, Riverside

October 22, Steep Ravine and Matt Davis trail with Kate and Dad.

October 16-18, Waco AMS Meeting

October 8-10, UCLA, topology seminar.

September 18-19, Tuolumne, with Kate, Simon, and many CHAOTs. Soloed Matthes Crest.

September 12-13, Jenner, with Kate and Simon.

August 25-31, Minnesota.

August 2, Simon is born!

July 10-12, Arroyo Seco, Kate, Kimberley, many others.

June 29-July 8, Australia. Climbed Castle Head with Owain.

June 3, Riverside colloquium.

Moved back to Berkeley!

May 17-25 Athens, Georgia, International Topology Conference.

May 10-17, Moab, Utah, with Kate, Kimberley and Alex Wong. Monday Farnsworth Canyon in the San Rafael Swell (photos, kate's), Tuesday Bluejohn Canyon (photos kate's), Wednesday and Thursday hiking with Kevin in undisclosed locations near Moab (photos), Friday Negro Bill Canyon with Kate and Alex (and I climbed onto Morning Glory Arch! kate's photos), Saturday descending from Grand View Point to the rim of Monument Basin, in Canyonlands NP (photos kate's). Alex and Kim also have photos online.

April 24-26, Mt Shasta, Kate, Sonya, Mark Thomas, Jonathon Bye, Samantha Lu, Eric, Henry, Liz. Climbed to near the top of the West Face route before descending. (photos)

April 20, Stob Coire nan Lochan, near Glencoe, with Kate, Sabin, Joel, Hannah and Bella. Everyone else stopped below the waterfall for lunch, and I did a quick loop over the summit, up the east ridge and down the north-west. Didn't have time for Bidean nam Bian. (kml photos).

April 19, Aonach Eagach traverse, with Kate. A beautiful hike, including a few Munros: Meall Dearg 953m/3127ft, Munro No. 212 and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh 967m/3173ft, Munro No. 188. (kml photos)

April 12, walking on the Isle of Arran, with Kate. (photos)

April 10, hillwalking near Arrochar. Climbed the Cobbler and Beinn Ime, which is a munro. (kml) (photos)

April 8-19, UK. Visa run to London, ran into Bob, then Glasgow for a conference of representation theory and categorification. (photos)

March 14, Castle Rock, with Kate, Kim, Sarah Gael and Mark Felegyhazi. (photos)

March 7, kayaking on Santa Cruz Island, with mum, Kate and Mike. (photos)

Gibraltar Rock, with Kate, climbed at Toxic Waste Wall.

Big Sur, drove down the 1 with Kate, camped just off the road, south of Esalen. On saturday, we saw pods of gray whales, a seal, a sea otter, a dolphin, and lots of elephant seals!

February 14-16 Calpine (photos)

January 30-February 1, CHAOS cabin trip, South Lake Tahoe, Blake, Kate, Kelly, Asaph, Kelsey, Anand, Jen, Sumi, Martin Isenberg, Kim, Dan Gardner, Sonya, Cari, many others. Friday climbed Bear's Reach, with snowshoes, and mostly in the dark, with Kate and Blake. Saturday climbed at Eagle Lake with everyone. Sunday climbed our favourite mountain, with Blake. About 7 pitches of fifth class, interspersed with easier stuff.

January 17-February 2, Berkeley.

January 11, Hollister Ranch rock pools with Kate (-2ft tide!).

January 9, Knots in Washington, gave a talk "Cappell-Shaneson spheres and the s-invariant". (slides)

January 5-8, Joint Mathematics meeting, Washington DC. Gave two talks "Khovanov homology of rational tangles" and "Blob homology". (Kh slides, blob slides)


December 26-January 2, Woodford Folk Festival, Steph, Adele, Tam, and many many others. Saw lots of bands, especially Jigzag, Fiddlers' Feast, Doch, The Pigs, Andi and George. Also danced a Scottish Ceilidh, and an Appalachian hoe-down!

December 25, Christmas in Brisbane.

December 21-22, Leura, visiting Dad and Anne. Steph came up for Saturday. Sunday morning I ran down the Federal Pass track, out around the Three Sisters, climbed the West Wall, then home. photos

December 16, Spring Creek, Mum, Steph, Adele, Tim Gastineau-Hills.

November 9, Point Sal, Marty and others.

October 7-19, Tokyo. On the last weekend went to the hot springs at Takaragawa, and climbed Mt Tanigawa, near Minakami, in Gunma prefecture. (photos)

October 4, Hole-in-the-wall, Steph, Bob, Lou, Bene.

October 1-2 Kanagra-Kowmung, Steph. Let ourselves into the Nettle Cave at Jenolan on the way up (if you have long arms, you can open the exit door). Camped at the Dance Floor cave Tuesday night, then on Wednesday walked out over Cloudmaker and down the Ti Walla plateau to the Kowmung. On Thursday walked up Gingra ridge. (~35km kml)

September 22-October 19, Melbourne-Sydney-Tokyo. Gave talks in Melbourne, Sydney (two) and Tokyo.

September 12-17, PennState. On Saturday went climbing with John Roe, about an hour and a half east of State College, in slight rain.

August 19-21, Evolution, Kevin and Kate. (photos)

August 16-17, Leaning Tower, Kate. (photos)

August 11-15, Kirbyfest, Berkeley.

August 7-10, Tuolumne and Bear Creek Spire, Val, Matt, Kate. Lower Yosemite Falls, also with Blake, Kim, Jen and Meg. (photos from bouldering)

July 19-27, High Sierra, with Steph. (photos)

July 13-14, Mt Whitney, Mike and Kate. (photos)

July 2, "Nite Moves", 1k swim/5k run, at the harbour, with Marusa and Lila (results - swim 19:15 76th, run 26:20 39, total 45:35 43rd overall, 13th/22 in M20-29).

June 20-27, drove up to Berkeley with Kevin, Yosemite with Mark, Angela, Blake et al., climbed Braille Book, Higher Cathedral Spire, and soloed Royal Arches. (photos) Then Tuesday to Mendocino with Juliette, Nina, and Liam.

June 17, drove down Highway 1 with Mum, June 18 Crosby, Stills and Nash concert.

June 14-17, Berkeley. Mill Valley to Golden Gate Bridge, via the Pelican Inn at Muir Beach, Steve, Esther, Kate, Val, Kimberly. (map kmz photos)

June 1-3, climbing in the valley with Mike, Steck-Salathe and Royal Arches.

May 22-27, Steph visiting, San Diego, Joshua Tree. (photos 2)

May 18-21, Planar Algebra Programming Camp, Bodega Bay, Vaughan, Nathan Habegger, Emily, Kate, Noah, Richard Burstein. Also windsurfing and retrieving kites from trees.

May 14-18, Georgia Topology Conference. Talked about blob homology.

May 6-11, Berkeley. Worked with Noah and Emily, also went to Tahoe for the Morel Foray and some climbing. Climbed Traveller's Buttress with Kate and Kimberley, then at Luther Spires with many. (photos)

April 26, Anacapa dive trip, (photos) with Marty, Marusa Bradac, Gilles Orban, and others.

April 24, run with Kevin, firetrail, ridge, down and back Rattlesnake. (map [1] kml)

April 17-20, Vanderbilt, conference on Subfactors and Planar Algebras.

April 12, run with Marty, Naples.

April 1-7, Berkeley (Lost Arrow Spire (photos), Bishop's Terrace)

March 15-30, Australia Precipitous Bluff (photos), Serendipity (photos)

March 2, kayaking with Kate, 13.6 miles, from Mike's place, to Devereux Point, out to the oil platform, and home. (map kml)

March 1, scrambling up Seven Pools, to the big waterfall, back down Tunnel Trail, with Kate.

February 28, run up Tunnel Trail, 7.8 miles, 2500ft up, ~1:45 return. (map kml)

February 16, cycling up San Marcos and Painted Cave. 850m ascent! (map kml)

February 9, running to El Capitan State Beach, and campus, 25.74 miles. (map kml)

February 6, running east from campus, 10.0km (map kml)

February 1-3, CHAOS Cabin Ski Trip, Kate, Lana, Mark, Angela, Val, Sumi, Dave, Phil, Cheryl, many others. Climbed at Eagle Lake Saturday, in poor weather. Dug out the road Sunday morning, and drove home with Kate and Lana (went to Vik's, and kiwi fruit hunting, and dumpster ransacking, with them afterwards).

January 25-28, Red Rocks and the Colorado River, Kate. (photos Kate's photos)

January 21-February 4, Berkeley, working with Noah and Emily, on D4 and KaRe.

January 20, running east from campus, 12.9km. (map kml)

January 19, running on Goleta Beach, 16.7km. (map kml)

January 13-15, San Diego, working with David Clark.

January 11, camping out on Goleta Beach with Annie.

January 6, Jerusalem, with Yossi, Rahel, Katya, all Katya's grandparents. A quick look around the old city with Yossi and Rahel; the Wailing Wall, the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


December 29-January 5, Wadi Rum, Jordan, with Yossi (also Jonathon and Joel). (photos)

  • An attempt on Le jour le plus longe, on Jebel Um Ishrim, with Jonathon and Joel,
  • Lionheart, and a descent further south,
  • up the Thamudic road, to Jebel Rum, and down Hamad's route,
  • a day at Petra (photos),
  • Aquarius, finishing up the last two pitches of 'Raid mit Camel', descending the Eye of Allah,
  • Hikers' Route, on Jebel Nazrani,
  • In the court of the Crimson King, on Burdah, and the Burdah arch.

December 27-29, Israel, Abirrim, for Joel and Hannah's wedding, then driving back to Tel Aviv with Yossi, and flying to Eilat, to cross to Jordan.

December 22-26, Brisbane.

December 20-22, Canberra, visiting Adele. Swam in the Murrumbidgee.

December 16-20, Sydney. Butterbox Canyon with Owain and Dad. (photos). Also saw Cam, Jane, Suze, Bob, Steph, Anne, Andrew, ...

December 12-15, Joint NZMS/AMS conference in Wellington. (my talk slides)

December 7-11, Sea Kayaking in the Coromandel, near Auckland. Mike and Vaughan. (photos)

December 3-4, Jalama, to watch the waves, with Annie.

November 17-18, San Diego. Flew down with Annie, worked with David Clark all day, then partied with Justin Roberts and co.

November 11, hiking Mission Canyon with Annie.

November 2-4, climbing in the Valley, Kate, Marty, et al. Climbed the East Buttress of Middle Cathedral, and Higher Cathedral Spire, on Saturday, with Kate (12 hours car-to-car), and then Royal Arches with Kate and Marty on Sunday (7 hour car-to-car). (photos)

October 26, hiking in Hollister Ranch, with Kevin, ~19 miles. (photos) (notes)

October 21, hiking, Cathedral Peak, excursion club.

October 10, 5th Evans Stair Running Competition.

October 7, Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome, with Vlad Sofiyev. ~11 hours on route, 16:15 hours car to car. (photos) (trip report)

September 29, running, Naples to El Capitan State Beach, 10.4 miles.

September 24, climbing at Whitney Portal, Mike, Hartley, James. Couldn't climb the East Face of Whitney, due to recent snow, so made something up on the face south of the trailhead.

September 18, Jalama to Point Concepcion, with Owain. (photos)

September 15, running, Bacara to near El Capitan State Beach.

September 4-10, visiting Berkeley. (Biked up Tunnel with Jana and Emily, playtested Microsoft puzzle hunt, ran with Joel, did math with several people.)

August 29, "Nite Moves", 1k swim/5k run, at the harbour. (results - swim 19:38 59th, run 24:46 17th, overall 44:24 22nd. Wow -- I took 2:57 off my previous run time. Thanks Julie!)

August 24, Gaviota State Park, Nina. Hiked up the hills on the west side of the highway; some nice rock scrambling, and scrubby ridge hiking.

August 23, Santa Cruz Island, Nina. Some more kayaking, and some incidental blue whale watching! (photos).

August 19, Cold Spring Canyon, Jana.

August 13-14, Sapa, Jana. (photos)

August 11-12, Halong Bay, Jana, Dylan Thurston. (photos)

August 5-10, Quantum Topology in Hanoi. (my talk)

July 27-August 3, Subfactors in Maui. Vaughan, Dietmar Bisch, Mike, Kevin, Laurent Bartholdi, Ben Webster, Scott Carnahan, Emily Peters, Peter Tingley, Kate Liesinger, Chris Schommer-Pries, AJ Tolland, Jenny Jo, Pinhas Grossman, Jesse Peterson, Jana. (photos) (Ben's sbseminar post)

July 25, "Nite Moves", 1k swim/5k run, at the harbour. (results - swim: 19:42 85th, run: 27:43 52nd, overall: 47:25 54th)

July 19-23, Colorado, a wedding, and climbing. Climbed briefly near Lily Lake saturday afternoon, then the Casual Route, 5.10-, on the Diamond, Longs Peak, on sunday, with Ethan Gutmann. (photos, Ethan's photos)

July 18-19, Crown Island, Lake Muskoka, with Jana and various bits of her extended family.

July 13-18, Toronto, visiting Dror, working on the Knot Atlas and talking about his idea for a 'universal quantum group'.

July 9-13, Madrid, visiting Rahel and Yossi and Katya. Climbed on the 10th with Yossi on El Yelmo, near Manzanares. (photos)

July 3-9, Portugal, for the Oporto conference in Faro. I talked about functoriality in S^3 and the lasagna algebra built out of Khovanov homology (slides). After Faro, I flew to Madrid.

June 27, "Nite Moves", 1k swim/5k run, at the harbour. (results - swim: 20:12 90th, run: 28:06 63rd, overall: 48:18 64th)

June 17, Kayaking, east Santa Cruz Island, with Jana and Mum. (photos)

June 8-11, visiting San Diego with Jana, drove back with Dave.

June 1-3, flew up to Berkeley on Friday, and then helped play-test the Google Puzzle Hunt, with Jana, Noah, Malia, and about a dozen others.

May 12-26, Link Homology in Kyoto. (photos), my lectures: (1), (2), (3), and (photos of my third lecture).

April 27-May 2, Berkeley, and climbing in Yosemite, with Jana, Sarah, Karl and Yossi. (photos)

April 22-26, Braids in Banff. (photos)

April 14-15, Berkeley.

April 12-14, Climbing in Yosemite, with Mike. We drove up on Thursday from Santa Barbara, climbed the North-East Buttress of Higher Cathedral Rock on Friday, and scrambled up Higher Cathedral Spire Saturday morning, enjoying the beginning of a snow storm on the top! Drove back to Berkeley that afternoon. (photos)

I moved to Santa Barbara, CA!

March 29, climbing at Goat Rock, with Jana. (photos)

March 17, self rescue practice at Remillard Park, with CHAOS.

March 11, hiking in Point Reyes, with Jana and friends. (photos)

March 2-4, Cabin Ski Trip. Ice climbed Saturday at Eagle Lake, then some adventure climbing Sunday, with Blake and Lana. (photos)

Februrary 7-13, Santa Barbara. Sunday hiked Mission canyon to La Cumbre peak (photos).

February 2-6, mum visiting, we went up to Redding to see Erica and Sky Feb 3-4. Hiked near Whiskeytown. (photos)

January 11-14, Khovanov Homology in Austin, with Carl Mautner, Joel Kamnitzer, Max Maydanskiy, Alex Kahle, Parker Lowrey, Sammy Black, Eric Katerman, Deepee Khosla, Jonathon Williams and Sean Bowman.


December 24-January 5 2007, visiting Nina, Louise, Arnd, Rahel, Yossi. Flew to Ann Arbor, drove on the 26th to Buffalo, then on the 28th to Boston, drove back to Ann Arbor on the 2nd. Also saw Hannah and Joel in Boston.

December 23, bike ride with Sonya King and Emily Thurston. Went up and over Wildcat, to the Carquinez Bridge, had a great lunch in Crockett, then chased cars down San Pablo home.

December 6, Full Moon Hike, Strawberry Canyon, Sonya King, Ryan Boone, about a dozen others. Hiked through the redwoods; nice and dark. Drank some wine at the top.

December 1-5, Oregon. Gave a talk, "Basic Notions: Khovanov Homology" on Friday, hiked the Tahkenitch Trail with Jonathan Brundan, Sammy Black, Margo, London and Hannah on Saturday, hiked Spencer Butte with Jon and family Saturday morning (photos). Gave the colloquium, on su_3 categorification, on Monday.

November 27, Rappelled Evans with Lana. (photos)

November 19-26, Joshua Tree, Yossi, Kelly, Mike Burns, Peter Pribik, Lynette, Dave, Sara Fernandes-Taylor, Cheryl, Matt, Michelle, Daniel, Cydnie Bedford, William Leung, Alex Street, Meg Schwarzman, Ed Rozenberg, Mike Scarpulla, Kimberley, Mike Freedman.

November 15-18, Columbia. Talked in the gauge theory seminar, talked with Mikhail and Dylan, ran into Graeme Segal.

November 9-11, Justin Roberts and David Clark visited.

November 1-6, Santa Barbara, working with Kevin, climbing with Mike on the weekend; East Buttresses of El Cap and Middle Cathedral Rock. (photos)

October 28-29, Tenaya Peak, Mary Dain and Lynnette. A little on the cold side.

October 27, buildering with Kate and Soroosh, the Sather tree, Cesar Chavez, the Doe Traverse, swimming in the secret Hearst pool.

October 17-23, Australia, Rissi's wedding.

October 12, bouldering with Mike, at Indian Rock.

October 11, buildering with Lana, Evans Roof (photos), Hearst Gym.

September 29-October 1, Alissa visited, Critical Mass (photos), windsurfing, juggling festival.

September 25, visited Greg Kuperberg in Davis, with Ari.

September 22-24, Tenaya Canyon, Kate, Soroosh, Kimberly and Justin (photos). Also Hermaphrodite Flake on Sunday.

September 3-11, Categorification in Topology and Algebra, Uppsala, Sweden.

August 25-28, Santa Barbara, working with Kevin on Khovanov homology.

August 22-25. Visited Alissa in LA.

August 8-14, Sierra, with Nina. Tenaya Canyon on Wednesday, then drove to Bishop and hiked Piute Pass-Evolution-Lamarck Col Friday-Sunday.

July 30-Aug 3, Mendocino, with Nina.

July 23, climbing and swimming (!) at Goat Rock, Kimberly, Kate, Soroosh.

July 16-17, Sun Ribbon Arete, 18 pitches 5.10a, with Oscar Westesson. A real live Tyrolean traverse!

June 25-July 15, PCMI, Park City. Gave a talk about functoriality again; (slides). Ari talked about su_3 foams.

June 18-25, Toronto. Wrote a paper "The Karoubi Envelope and Lee's Degeneration of Khovanov Homology", with Dror, math.GT/0606542.

June 17, Hiking in Point Reyes, Mum, Arnd, Louise.

June 14, Windsurfing at Bodega Bay, Mum, Carl, Vaughan, Emily, Noah, Malia, Scott Carnahan, Soroosh, Kate.

June 12-13, Mendocino, with Mum and Carl. Hendy Wood, Navarro Vineyard, dinner at Sofia's.

June 8, Kayak roll practice, Val, Carl, Sumi, Andreas, and others, Berkeley Marina.

June 2-4, Salathe Wall, Yossi. wow. photos

May 26, Critical Mass, Yossi, Greg, Heather, Mary, and a few others. Later Fight Club at the Parkway, and Erica's.

May 19-21, Yosemite, Yossi, Brian and Val (and Chris Tuffley, Jen Aengst, Cheryl Leonard, Dave Lubertozzi et al.)

Climbed the Lost Arrow Spire tip on Saturday; Brian and Val came along for the ride. Some nice photos! On Sunday morning, Yossi and I climbed the East Buttress of Middle Cathedral Spire (ahh...) in light rain (oooh...), finishing just in time.

May 15-16, Lover's Leap, Carl and Stephanie. Climbed East Crack, The Line, and Hospital Corner.

May 4-7, Knots In Washington. I gave a talk about disorientations and the functoriality of Khovanov homology (slides). Spent most of Sunday walking around the Mall with Alissa.

April 29, Phantom Spires, with Yossi, Rahel, Kate, Arnd and Louise.

April 24, Giants game with Chris.

April 10-April 16, Santa Barbara.

Talked in the topology seminar, on sl_3 Khovanov homology (slides), then worked with Kevin Walker at KITP Wednesday thru Friday, and met some of the Microsoft group there. Juggled at the Isla Vista festival Friday evening through Sunday. (The usual Berkeley suspects, Jeff, Lance, Erica, Arun, Joe, Mark, drove back with Cynthia, and the usual festival suspects; Athena and Dave, Rick, Martin, Becca, Will, Rhonda, etc., etc.! And the Davis/SF kids; Brianne, Cassandra and Jeff.)

February 28-April 5, Germany, Spain, Morocco and Switzerland, with Nina. (photos)

Flew March 2 to Valencia, then spent a few days in Barcelona. Arrived Tangiers on March 5, then returned to Spain on about the 22nd. Visited Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Marrakesh, the high Atlas near Toubkal, and Tetouan. Later went to Zurich and Sufers, in Switzerland.

February 22-26, Subfactor Ski Retreat, South Lake Tahoe. Vaughan (and family), Dror, Noah, Malia, Kate, Soroosh, Ben, Emily, Richard. Skiied thurs/fri at Kirkwood; quite fun, don't seem to have forgotten how to ski! Did some maths on sat with Dror; uniformised MOY, coloured HOMFLYPT.

February 13-18, Toronto. Worked on integrating LinKnot` with KnotTheory`, with Dror and Radmila.

February 2-5, Lie Groups Conference, Santa Barbara.

Drove down with Emily, Elizabeth and Chris Pries. Lots of other Berkeley folks there; Crystal, Anton, Sevak, Marty, Noam. Had a good talk with Stephen Bigelow on Saturday; he told me about his combinatorial model for quantum invariants, and I told him about su(3) foams. At some point Anton told a joke that I liked enough to record here; "A woman walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a double entendre. So he gave it to her."

January 28, Hole-in-the-Wall canyon, Bob, Simone, Scott Farquhar, Kim. Nice! The bottom end of the canyon, before the Bungleboori, is just beautiful; wonderful colours in the rock and the pools.

January 16-27, tassie, Frankland Range, adele, tam. (photos)

January 8-15, NZ, conference in Taipa.

I gave another talk on Khovanov homology, using delooping (immediately after Conway's talk :-). Spent lots of time windsurfing with Mike Freedman and Kevin Walker. Met lots of interesting people; Dale Rolfsen, Chris Woodward, Marnie (?), David Gaudy, Kevin Broughan, Richard, Tanya, Loretta Bartolini, Gavin Martin, Cameron Gordon. Gus Lehrer was also there for a few days. Stayed with Jonna (her birthday!) in Auckland at the end.

January 7, Whungee-Wheengee, mum, andrew, lou. A great canyon; bbq at cam's afterwards.

January 6, Claustral, dad, others.


December 30, Surefire, owain, ben, andrew. Dinner at owain's parents' place, also with jo.

December 27, Du Fair, mum, adele, tam.

December 26, Wollangambe 2, mum, adele, tam, riss, toby, barb, russ. Saw hindrik on the way out.

December 21-January 31, Australia/New Zealand.

December 14, a talk about omath in the subfactor seminar.

December 9-11, Knots in Washington. Gave a talk about the Knot Atlas.

November 18-28, visiting Nina in Koeln. Gave a talk in Peter Littelmann's seminar.

early November? Climbing with Yossi. Climbed in the Owens River Gorge saturday (including leading an 11c; the one I'd tried with Magdalene years ago) and the Red Dihedral on the Incredible Hulk on sunday. Retreated slowly over Tioga Pass on monday, pausing to climb West Country on Stately Pleasure Dome, and lie on the sand.

November 2, San Francisco Halloween Critical Mass, Yossi and Emily. Good fun (yossi and I organised a circle on market :-), until the end, which got a bit out of hand.

October 15, Erica and I organised the 2005 CHAOS triathlon.

October 13, 3rd Evans Stair Running Competition.

October 7-9, first Berkeley Juggling Festival. Saw Dave and Athena for the first time in a long while, juggled with the stanford folks, hung out with berkeley juggling collective types who I haven't seen in too long, and taught cool passing to some kids from Davis/SF -- fast-slows, simuls, and Havana!

October 1-3, climbing in Tuolumne with Erica. Somewhat unsuccessful; didn't like the snow in the approach gully to the Third Pillar. Got spooked by the weather on the North Ridge of Conness. Enjoyed the hot water at Shepherd's!

September 17-19, NIAD, with Yossi. Left the car at 3:22am, climbing at 3:55am, topped out at around 10:30pm, back at the car by 1:50am. Passed about four parties on the way. Yeah! See Yossi's planning page, or the local copy

September 9-12, walked Thank God Ledge. Actually, Mark and I climbed the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome as well. A great day, if a little cold, and with no real suprises! Everything worked pretty well, and I still had some energy left at the end.

August 22-September 2, visiting Dror Bar-Natan in Toronto. We mostly worked on the wiki Knot Atlas, and talked a little about Khovanov homology.

August 20, Climbing in Tuolumne, with Mark. My Favorite Things (15 pitches, "5.10-", on the West Face of Clouds Rest), and Matthes Crest, south-to-north traverse.

0330, left car at Tenaya, 0600 arrive at base, 0613 start climbing, 0913 finish last roped pitch, 1000 at Clouds Rest ridge line, 1400 at start of Matthes Crest, 1800 end of Matthes Crest, ~2030? back at road (Cathedral Lakes trailhead).
We thought My Favorite Things was consistently over-graded. The first and last thirds of the route are over-graded by about 2 grades (ie, 5.8 pitches are probably only 5.6), while the middle third (crux), is over-graded by about 1 grade. In particular, the crux pitch is at most 5.9, not 5.10-.
There are various trip reports online. [2] [3]

August 14, Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, with Erica. I finished in 3:05:27.3.

My splits were Start 8:29:21.7 Swim 0:47:50.8 T1 0:04:12.0 Run1 0:23:43.1 T2 0:02:19.1 Bike 0:46:27.1 T3 0:00:56.4 Run2 0:59:58.3, and Erica's were Start 8:29:21.7 Swim 0:47:57.5 T1 0:04:29.0 Run1 0:23:20.3 T2 0:02:17.2 Bike -- T3 0:56:58.3 Run2 1:16:20.9 Finish 3:31:23.3.

August 2-13, Canada, climbing in the Bugaboos with Yossi. Climbed Yak Check (~12 pitches, 5.10a) on Yak Peak on the drive up on the 3rd. Started climbing in the Bugaboos at the 5th. (photos) (other photos) (Bugaboos finances)

  1. NE Ridge of Bugaboos Spire (12 pitches, 5.8, D-)
  2. West Ridge of Pigeon Spire (4th class) and the Beckey-Chouinard on South Howser Tower (15+ pitches, 5.10a, TD+)
  3. rest day
  4. Sunshine Crack on Snowpatch Spire (5.11a, ~10 pitches)
  5. Snowpatch Route (many pitches, easy) and Surfs Up (7 pitches + getting lost, 5.8) on Snowpatch Spire
  6. rest day
  7. failed attempt at the Cooper-Gran route on Bugaboos spire (TD, 5.11-, ~12 pitches), retreated off pitch 1; off route?

On the drive home, saw (!) a B-2 stealth bomber flying low over the highway.

July 27, swam in Lake Anza, rode up El Toyonal and Lomas Cantadas with Greg Love.

July 9-16, Kearsarge Pass to Whitney Portal, Lizzy, Stephen Chan, Nina. (Lizzy's trip report)

July 2-6, Albion. Sunday went to Mendocino with Carl and his friend Joel. Rode the Philo-Greenwood road to Gowan's and the Navarro vineyard on Tuesday, great pizza dinner in Albion!

July 2, Double Dipsea, Nina.

June 26, Russian River flotilla, Nina, Mark, Woodsy, Arnd, Louise, Kelly, Matt, Erin, Dave Lubertozzi, Mr. and Mrs. Carver (Pinar and John) and others.

June 25, Surfing in Santa Cruz, Mark. Climbing at Castle Rocks, Mark, Nina, Brian.

June 22, CHAOS triathalon: eat one large burrito, drink a pitcher of beer, bike up centennial (in that order). I didn't quite come last, but only because someone was disqualified. :-)

June 14, cycling, Three Bears, with Michelle, Brian, Arnd.

June 12, ~25 mile hike in the Marin Headlands, with Michelle, Brian and Erin (part of the way).

Started in Mill Valley, on Cascade Drive, across Mt Tam, down the Matt Davis trail (beautiful!), down to Stinson Beach to see the runners arriving at the end of the Dipsea race, then back up Dipsea after they were mostly done, down to Muir Beach, beer at the Pelican, then a winding route through the southern end of the Marin headland, back to the Golden Gate bridge. A wonderful day!

June 11, swimming, picnic at the beach Tomales Bay, Erica, Sarah, and others.

June 4-June 10, Quantum Topology conference [4] in Utah. Obviously there were a great many people there -- some to remember, Jake Rasmussen, Dror Bar-Natan, Alissa Crans, Magnus Jacobsson, Bruce Westbury, Adam Sikora, Stavros Garoufalidis, Scott Carter (and kids! Alex, Albert and Sean), Steve Sawin, Dorit Aharanov.

May 28-30, Climbing in Yosemite with Nina.

Hiked Saturday up Snow Creek trail (105 switchbacks, I think?), but turned back after walking in the snow for a while. Climbed Royal Arches on Sunday. A glorious climb, but should have rapped off, as Nina found North Dome Gully pretty difficult! Sunday night drove out to Hardin Flat, then home Monday morning.

May 26-27, The Prow, with Chris Rivest. Great to do it again; much more fun this time! (planning page)

May 15, Bay to Breakers, with Nina and Yossi.

April 30, Bouldering at Castle Rock with Nina. Climbed many routes, including the Beak Traverse, V3.

April 15-17, Yosemite, Yossi, Carl, Erica.

Saturday went to climb the Steck-Salathe, but turned back after four pitches (just above the Wilson Overhang), as Carl didn't feel up to leading at all, and I didn't have the motivation or energy to lead the entire route. We then went to Schultz's Ridge, and climbed Warmup-Crack (10a), New Suede Shoes (10c, rested at crux) and Just Do Me (10d, rested, cheated at last crux). On the way home (walking back North Side Drive), we ran up After Six (5.7). (Meanwhile, Yossi and Erica climbed the NE Buttress of Higher Cathedral Rock.) On Sunday, Yossi and I climbed (after a long detour, heading up the wrong side of the Spires!) South by South-West (5.11a). It's an awesome route, although only has two pitches of difficult climbing.

April 10, Climbing, Sugarloaf. Climbed the Harding Chimney with Erica, and a two pitch 5.8 with Carl and Yossi.

April 9, Stinson Beach, Nina. Picnic and hiked to Pantoll Ranger Station, via the Steep Ravine trail.

April 2, Slide Ranch, with Nina and Erica.

March 18-28, El Potrero Chico, Yossi, Erica, and Patrice. (photos)

Yossi and I flew down via Mexico City to Monterrey, then taxi'ed out to El Potrero Chico. We climbed for about 8 days. Erica and Patrice joined us for most of the time. Highlights included 102 pitches total, a 3:50 ascent of the 23 pitch 5.12a Timewave Zero, the 6 pitch 11c El Sendero Diablo, and many other great multipitch sport routes. Nice place!

March 11-13, Climbing in Yosemite, Erica. (photos)

Climbed East Buttress of Middle Cathedral on Saturday, descended the icy gully (!), and swam in the river. On sunday, climbed part of South Face of Washington Column. We descended from Dinner Ledge just in time -- the rain started shortly after we reached the ground.

March 4-7, Climbing in Red Rocks, Nina, Yossi, Erica.

Friday, Ginger Cracks, with Yossi and Nina. Saturday, Cragging at the First Pullout. Climbed the 10a, 10b, 11c (hardest onsight!) at Dog Wall, the Waterstreak (TR) at Tuna & Chips Wall, then some 8's, a 10a, and dogging up a 12a at Panty Wall. Sunday, Cat in the Hat, first pitch of Y2K (10a). Monday, Tunnel Vision.

February 19-21, Mendocino, Nina

February 4-6, Cabin Ski Trip, South Lake Tahoe, Nina, mum, Pinar, Christine, Michelle, Brian, Mark, Mike, Yossi, Joel, Hannah, Kelly, Anne, Chris Tuffley, Kelly, many others. Snowshoed up the Elephant's Back saturday, ice climbing at Eagle Lake sunday.

January 23, Avalanche Safety Trip, North Lake Tahoe, Nina, Yossi, Joel, Hannah, Christine, many others.


December 22-January 15 2004, Michigan, Nina. December 23-28, driving to Florida.

December 14, West Face of Leaning Tower in a day, Yossi. (trip report)

December 19, Goat Rock, Carl, Hannah, Erica. Climbed and swum!

November 20-28, Joshua Tree. Nina, Kelly, Amy, Erica, Yossi, Hannah, Bryce, Kimberley, Magda, Andreo, Chris Tuffley, Matt Reidenbach, Chris Rivest, Raanan (sp?), Gilles, Arieh, Liron, Richard Hatch, Amy Ellison, Huan, Peter, Jannell, others!?

Arrived Saturday evening, huge snow storm that night. Departed for San Bernadino Sunday, stayed with Juno (Nina's aunt), back Monday. Climbed Tuesday with Peter and Jannell on the Headstone, with Yossi, et al. at Hidden Valley on Wednesday, with many at Hemingway on Thursday, Echo Cove Friday, Real Hidden Valley Saturday, pool party at Michelle's parents' place that night, and drove home overnight.

November 11-14, Red Rocks, Yossi. Climbed Crimson Chrysalis, Gobbler, Epinephrine, and Dream of Wild Turkeys.

October 30, The Grotto, Yossi and Erica.

October 23-24, Seattle, WCOAS.

October 16-21, Banff, Braid Groups and Applications. (Met Alissa here?)

September 24-26, The Nose, Yossi, climbed in 34 hours. (see Yossi's wiki)

September 17-18, The Nose, Yossi, turned around at Dolt Tower. (see Yossi's wiki)

September 11-12, North Peak, Nina, Michelle, Chris, Steve

August 29, Tuolumne Meadows, Cathedral Traverse/Matthes Crest, with Chris Tuffley and Mark Miller.

Started 4:26am at Cathedral Lakes Trailhead. Climbed the Unicorn, coming up the west side of the saddle between the north (highest) and middle summits. Across the nameless talus hill, up the north ridge of the Cockscomb, then a traverse of Echo Ridge. Down to Echo Saddle, then all nine of the Echo Peaks, leaving the hard one 'til last. From there, Mark takes a nap, while Chris and Scott hike to the south end of Matthes Crest, and do almost all of the traverse, including south and north summits, and most of the north ridge (dropping off the ridge at the second-to-last pinnacle). Back to Echo Saddle, pick up Mark. Scott takes a detour up the Muir Route on Cathedral Peak on the way home, summiting just on dark. Back to the car at 9:09pm (Scott; Mark and Chris 10-20min earlier?), 16:43 car-to-car, 15 summits, a lot of climbing!

August 18-26, Canada, the Bugaboos, with Yossi.

Only two days of climbing, amongst the rain. First day climbed McTech Arete, then Lion's Way (with a major variation!), second day climbed Paddle Flake and Brenta Spire. On one of our rainy days we climbed through the Pigeon-Snowpatch Col, turning back at the final crevasse.

August 14-15, Yosemite, with Nina. Climbed Nutcracker Saturday afternoon, then Snake Dike on Sunday. Met Soroosh, Scott Carnahan, Lionel, Grace and others at the top of Half Dome.

August 8-10, Mendocino with Nina.

July 30-August 1, Yosemite with Yossi and Rahel. Climbed the Nose, to Eagle Ledge, on Friday, Royal Arches Saturday, and worked on the Nose to Sickle Ledge Sunday.

July 15-18, Yosemite. Climbed the Northeast Buttress of Higher Cathedral Rock with Carl on Thursday, Tenaya Peak on Friday. Saturday did the 40-miler, from Twin Lakes to Tuolumne Meadows, with Steve, Michelle, Brian, Carl and Matthias. Sunday hung out at Tenaya Lake, the Bridgeport Hot Springs, and drove back over Sonora Pass.

July 7, Matthes Crest, with Nina.

July 2-July 6, Ansel Adams wilderness, with Nina, Michelle, Steve, Magda, Chris Tuffley, Matt, Matt and Matt.

June 17-21, the Nose, El Capitan, with Mark Miller. (trip report) [ (route beta)] (pre-trip planning)

June 12, climbing at Lover's Leap. Climbed with Steve Andrews. Chris Tuffley, Michelle Minikel, Blake Gleason, Jen Aengst. The Line, Scimitar, ??, Bear's Reach.

June 3-4, climbing with Kelly, Yosemite Valley. Climbed the Central Pillar of Frenzy, Moby Dick, and the first pitch of Salathe.

May 29-31, climbing with Mark, at Phantom Spires and Lover's Leap. Practiced aiding, etc., on various routes at the Spires, and on Hospital Corner at the Leap on Monday.

May 22, waterskiing on the delta (surfing!) Mark, Woodsy, Brian, Michelle, Kimberley, Matt, Don, Kyvan, Ari, Mike.

May 14-16, Mathematical Physics conference at UC Davis.

April 6-May 13, visiting Nina in Hungary. A trip report for our foray through the Balkans is in the works. We visited Croatia, Albania, and Macedonia, and passed briefly through Montenegro, Serbia, and (very briefly) Bosnia-Hercegovina. After that, I hung around with Nina in Budapest for about four weeks, having a great time. We went to Csurgo, to work on a Habitat for Humanity project for a weekend, hiked near Szetendre, and I made a brief visit to Bratislava, Slovakia, to deal with visa issues.

March 22-25, skiing in Tuolumne with Joel. Up the Snow Creek trail, camped once in Snow Creek, then moved camp to the road. Skiied around and on Tenaya Lake, and up Mt Hoffman. Great descent, then long slog home. Reached the valley about 8pm wednesday, drove home Thursday morning.

March 20-21, the Valley, Carl, Brian, Jen. On Saturday, climbed Super Slide (4 pitches, 5.9), and Trial by Fire (5.8, ouch!), then worked on the Bachar Cracker for a while. Climbed the East Buttress of Middle Cathedral on Sunday with Carl, descending the iced-up gully, then waited for Joel to arrive.

March 13-14, the Valley, Carl, Brian, Rain Elizabeth. On Saturday, climbed Nutcracker with Carl, then the first pitch of After Seven, it's 10a variation, and a short 10a just to the right. On Sunday climbed Kor-Beck, again with Carl.

March 9, Palo Alto, Peru slide show with Mark and Woodsy.

February 27-29, Cabin Ski Trip, south Lake Tahoe. Climbed at Rainbow with Cheryl on Saturday, then at Eagle Creek with many on Sunday.

February 16-22, Seattle, winter ascent of Mt Rainier (feb 18-21 on the mountain) via Camp Muir, Cadaver Gap, and the Ingraham Direct. Yossi, Dave, Mike. (email trip report I wrote for Owain)

February 7-8, Damento Juggling Festival.

February 1, climbing at the Grotto, Sonora. Yossi, Eva, Brian, Janelle.

January 24, ice climbing, Eagle Lake, south Lake Tahoe. Mark, Tuffley, Greg, Vanessa, Brian, Daniel Preda.


December 21 2003 - January 18 2004, Australia, with Nina.

Amongst other things, climbed Tibrogargan by the Caves Routes with Nina, Tam and Adele, very briefly climbed at Kangaroo point. Swam at a great variety of beaches, did Hole-in-the-Wall, Empress, Ranon and Spring Creek, climbed Sweet Dreams at Sublime point, with Bob, Sarah, and Norwegian John, fell and hurt my ankle at Piddington, had dinner with Mick in Katoomba, visited Adele in Canberra, saw the Complete Works of Shakespeare at the Opera House, and finished it all off with a party lasting til 5am the night before we left!

November 22-29, Climbing in Red Rocks, Nina, Yossi, Mark, Woodsy, Brian, Liron, Arieh.

November 10-12, Climbing in the Valley, Mike Burns, Daniel Krasner. Epic'd on North-east Buttress of Higher Cathedral Rock.

October 31, San Francisco Critical Mass on Halloween, with Nina and Brian, and many others.

October 26, Beginner's Climbing Trip, at Cosumnes River Gorge.

October 17-20, West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar at Banff, also climbed Mt Rundle with Mike and Jeff, and climbed (a 10a and two 10b's) near Canmore.

October 10-12, Lodi Juggling Festival.

October 3-5, South Face of Washington Column, Nina and Carl. (Nina's trip report)

September 25-28, Half Dome in a day, Yossi. (trip report)

September 20-21, climbing, Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite, Yossi.

Climbed 3rd Pillar of Dana Plateau, 5 pitch 5.10b, in 2.5 hours, then Crescent Arch, 3 pitch 5.9+ on Daff Dome. On Sunday, climbed the Freeblast.

September 13-14, cycling to Santa Cruz, Nina.

August 29-31, 2003, Climbing in Tuolumne, Nina.

Drove up Friday night, climbed Cathedral Peak and Eichorn Pinnacle on Saturday, then went to camp below Matthes Crest. Woke to clouds and thunder, so headed home Sunday morning.

August 26, 2003, cycling to Stinson Beach and Mt Tam, Owain.

August 22-24, 2003, Mendocino with Nina. We went to Navarro Beach (and hammered some pitons in and out of a rock), collected huckleberries, and went to the Great Day in Elk.

July 29-August 18, 2003, climbing in Yosemite and Tuolumne, with Nina, Owain, and Brian Welsch. (The cast also included Casey, Tom, Andy and Kristof, Paul and Christian, amongst others!) (short trip report by Owain for the bmc)

  • while Nina was with us:
    • an attempt on Lost Arrow Spire, spoilt by a storm, on the 31st.
    • some climbs at Swan Slab
    • got up the first four pitches of the Salathe Wall (Not as far as last time with Carl -- we weren't too fast. Hopefully next time I'll be aiming for the top!)
    • Great White Book, Stately Pleasure Dome (in about 2 hours car to car)
  • West Face of Leaning Tower, on the 6th, 7th and 8th of August (trip report)
  • with Brian Welsch and Owain: (Brian's trip report)
    • Snake Dike by moonlight
    • a solo of Tenaya Peak
    • Tenaya Canyon
  • Skull Queen on Washington Column (Owain's trip report)
  • Central Pillar of Frenzy, 5.9, with Christian (also Pee Pee Pillar, 5.10a, just next door, with Casey)
  • and after Nina came back up:
    • Unicorn Peak
    • Hobbit Book, 5.7, on Marioulumne Dome

July 26, 2003, rope safety and big wall practice at Remillard, with Nina, Owain and Brian.

July 18-22, 2003, climbing in Tuolumne Meadows with Nina, Erica Mikesh, Rainer Malaka and his wife Nina (and their baby son!), and Mike Burns.

Nina, Isabelle, Erica and I drove up, and met Rainer and Nina at White Wolf campground. Unfortunately the trip was a little hampered by poor weather - it oftern stormed in the afternoon. The first day of climbing Erica, Nina Malaka and I found our way up the Great White Book (a nice climb, and the last of the four classics on Stately Pleasure Dome -- now I just have to go back to climb them all in a day!). That afternoon I went up to climb Tenaya Peak with both Ninas, but we got rained off shortly after putting on climbing shoes, and had an exciting descent through drenching rain and hail! I learnt my lesson about Tuolumne thunderstorms - they're very predictable if you pay attention! The next day we hooked up with Mike, and after all sorts of delays went to Daff Dome, but crowds on West Crack meant we retreated to Low Profile Dome. I climbed Orangemen, 5.10c, then Darth Vader's Revenge, 5.10a. That evening Erica and Nina went back to Berkeley, and Rainer and Nina went to the East side. I stayed the night at Porcupine Flat with Mike, and we got up early to climb the Regular Route on Fairview, 5.9. Unfortunately we wasted our early start by not being able to find the start of the climb, and ended up stuck behind a slower party. Regardless, we finished the route with time to climb West Crack on Daff Dome, another 5.9, which has a classic second pitch containing a roof and a fabulous 5.7 finger crack. We also climbed a single pitch 5.8+ on the side of Daff Dome, while descending, and stopped to take photos of storm clouds bearing down on Fairview. The next day Mike and I climbed the Guide Route (known as Zee Tree in the latest supertopo?), and pleasant 5.7 on Pywiack Dome, before driving back to Oakland.

May 25-July 15, 2003, travelling in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos with Nina. emails details Nina's Journal

May 16-20, 2003, Climbing, Yosemite Valley, Carl Mautner.

First day climbed Bishop's Terrace at the Church Bowl, then another 5.8 layback crack, practiced setting up a Tyrolean, and aided an easy crack. Next day we hiked up to Yosemite Falls, and climbed Lost Arrow Spire. (photos) Wow!
On the third day, we tried to climb the NE Buttress of Higher Cathedral Rock, but I bailed off the third pitch and we went off to climb Brail Book instead. The next day we took it easy, climbing Little John at the base of El Cap, then swimming in the river and eating pizza.
Our final day we set off early up Salathe Wall, hoping to do the Free Blast up to the Heart Ledge. The fifth pitch turned us around -- I got through the A2 roof with a minimal rack on the second try (the first try ending in a brass nut popping, and me falling upside down ...), but a the second of two difficult slabby free moves shook me off. Everyone else on the route that day had a cheater stick for this section :-(

May 1-13, 2003, Shanks Lecture and Noncommutative Geometry Spring School at Vanderbilt, Nashville Tennessee.

April 30, 2003. I pass my qualifying exam!

April 6, 2003. I wish I'd known about this. Sounds like fun :-)

April 5, 2003, Anti-war protest, Chris Tuffley, Charlotte Greenblatt, 10000 others.

Protest march from Sproul Plaza, joining the main Oakland march. I counted about 550 in the group coming from campus, and there were many, many more in the main march. Chris and I had plenty of fun juggling clubs (met Scottie Meltzer along the way, and did some numbers passing for a moment.) At one point had people chanting - `One, Two, Three, Four -- Jugglers, against the war!'

March 19-30, 2003, Arizona. (photos)

Nina and I caught the plane from Oakland down to Phoenix, where Dave and Athena met us at the airport. We stayed at their place for a few days, juggling, trampolining, playing with Gilligan, and hiking at South Mountain. Then Nina's parents, Chris and Susan, arrived. With them, we drove up to Flagstaff, and then on to the Grand Canyon early Sunday morning. Nina wrangled an incredible permit, and we set off. Nina's parents drove us to the trailhead, across the Havasupai Indian lands. At about midday we started down the South Bass trail, and over the next six days walked along the West Tonto trail, visiting along the way the Colorado River, then Serpentine, Ruby, Turquoise, Slate, then across to Boucher, Hermit, Monument, Salt, Horn, and out through Indian Gardens and up the Bright Angel trail. An incredibly successful hitch hike got us back to Flagstaff, and then a Greyhound bus to Phoenix, where we met up again with Dave and Athena. Saturday night we drank wonderful (and wonderfully strange) Belgian beers at Matt's place, and woke up early Sunday morning for the flight back to Oakland. (slide catalogue 03A 03B)

March 16, 2003, Sunday, rogaining, Briones. A 7 hour event, with Chris Tuffley and Adrian Martin. We came 4th overall, with 1805 points. Results? Adrian said (edited):

I think we did this route:

49 controls in total. In retrospect, we might have done this in the middle: -52-66-48-59-39-63-67- not -52-63-67- for another 195 points, but then we would probably have lost some at the end.

March 15, 2003, Saturday, anti-war protest in San Francisco, marching Civic Centre to Jefferson Park. Nina, Chris Tuffley, also met Josh, Becca, Kevin, and others there.

March 14, 2003, Friday, 10th anniversary Berkeley Critical Mass, Nina, Peter, many others.

February 21-23, 2003, climbing at Red Rocks, Nina, Yossi, Rahel.

Climbed many sport routes on the Magic Bus and the lower Black Corridor on Friday, Froglands on Saturday, Great Red Book and lay in the sun Sunday. (photos, slide roll 03C)

February 13-17, 2003, ice climbing and skiing, British Columbia. Mark, Woodsy, Dave, Melissa, Mike, Sarah.

flew to Vancouver Thursday, drove to Lillooette for some ice climbing Friday, Saturday, skiied Whistler Sunday, Monday, flew home Tuesday morning.

January 31-February 2, 2003, Damento Juggling Festival, Consumnes River College.

January 25, Saturday, 2003, climbing at Pinnacles, Nina and Krasner.

January 20, Monday, 2003, practice at Cragmont, Nina.

January 1-18, 2003, New Zealand Mountaineering, Owain, Ben Cirulis, Mike Scarpulla, Dave Casey.

We flew up to Tasman Saddle Hut on the 6th, climbed Aylmer (a traverse), on the 7th traversed Walter and turned back from Elie, and I climbed Green on the way back. On the 8th a traverse of Hochstetter Dome, and on the 9th the Red Arete on 9144, then Mt Abel. On the 11th walked down to De La Beche Hut, and on the 13th started up the De La Beche ridge, bivvied, and on the 14th summited the Minarets (with Ben and Owain) and De La Beche (solo). Out on the the 15th.


December 29-30, 2002, Danae Brook and Thurat Spires, Bob.

December 27, 2002, Carpark and Samuel's Building, UNSW campus, Andrew, Bob, Cam. (but nothing to do with me, of course)

December 7-8, 2002, Mendocino, Nina.

November 24-December 2, Thanksgiving at Joshua Tree. Many people - Nina, Carl, Karl, Chris Tuffley, Chris Williams, Yossi, Rahel, Mark, Alan, Magdalen, Kelly, Amy, Richard, Sarah, Mike, Dave Argento, many others.

around Halloween, 2002, I had nothing to do with this.

October 26-27, 2002, Gourmet Trip at Point Reyes. Nina, Woodsy, Amy, Richard, Steve, many others.

October 18-21, 2002, Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite Valley, Pam and Nina.

October 11-13, 2002, Lodi Juggling Festival!

September 27-29, 2002, doing nothing, Mendocino. Nina. (dinner at George's, picking apples)

September 20-23, 2002, The Prow, Washington Column, Yosemite Valley. Jeremey Schroeder.

Climbed the Prow, 5.6 C2F, 12 pitches. We weren't exactly fast, spending about 48 hours on the climb.

September 13-15, 2002, Four Gables, Mt Humphrey's, Piute Pass. Many people - Lizzy and family, Douglas, Chris Tuffley, Kelly, Bryce, Yvonne, Nina, many others.

Climbed Four Gables to celebrate Lizzy's list on Saturday, then Mt Humphrey's (cold!) with Chris sunday morning. Argued with stock driver on the way down.

September 7, 2002, Sausalito, Golden Gate Bridge, cycling, with Nina.

August 31-September 2, 2002, Climbing, Courtright Reservoir. Chris Tuffley, Kelly, Carl, Nina, Heather, Richard, Amy, Jeff, Mark, Chris Williams, Kalynn.

Climbed on Marmot Dome Saturday, Penstemon Dome Sunday with Nina and Carl, Trapper Dome Monday. A pleasant weekend on moderate climbs, with wonderful company!

August 17-24, 2002, Walking and peakbagging in the Evolution and Ionian Basins. (the 2002 'Death March') Lizzy, Chris, Steve Jones, Rahel, Yossi. Lizzy's trip report.

August 9-11, 2002, Climbing, Tuolumne Meadows. Kelly, Amy, Yossi, Rahel and her sister, Martin, Woodsy, Nina.

Climbed with Woodsy and Nina, Saturday Tenaya Peak and Hermaphrodite Flake (finishing way after dark!), Sunday Northwest Books on Lembert Dome, a booty haul! Looking forward to more climbing!

August 4, 2002, Waterskiing, north of Stockton. Joel, Mark Miller, Chris Williams, Kelly, Nina, Stefan, Sumi, Ky-Van, Don, Kalynn, Amber, and others.

June 15-July 30 2002, Peru! Mark's trip report on Alpamayo. There's also a (slightly munged) local copy, in PDF format. (photos, slide roll 02A)

June 8-11, Climbing in Tuolumne Meadows, Chris Tuffley and John Roe. ([ John's trip report] local copy)

June 1-2 2002, Climbing at Phantom Spires, Yossi, Woodsy, Mark, Kalynn, Sumi.

May 27 2002, Climbing at Goat Rock, Mark, Woodsy, Kalynn, Sumi, Dave Argento.

May 22 2002, Stinson's Beach and Mt Tam, Joel.

We caught the BART to Embarcadero, then cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito, and down to Muir Beach. From there across to Stinson's Beach, then hiked up Mt Tam, back down in time for dinner, then rode home in the dark.

May 10-12 Mt Shasta, Sargent's Ridge, Yossi, Chris Williams, Rahel, John (the German), Daniel.

April 25-28, Matterhorn, near Twin Lakes, Yossi and Mark.

March 29-31, Isla Vista Juggling Festival.

March 28-29, Sykes Hot Springs, Eva, Josh, Becca.

March 25, Fern Canyon, Eva, Dave, Athena.

March 22-25, Humboldt Juggling Festival.

March 15-17, Ice climbing, Lee Vining, Dave Argento, Pinar, Woodsy.

March 10, Downhill Skiing, Sugarbowl, Eva, Irena, Adam.

March 2, Downhill Skiing, Sugarbowl, Eva and Adam.

February 15-17, Climbing, East Side, Owens River Gorge, June Lake, Magdalene, Yossi, Chris, Woodsy.

February 9-10, Backcountry Skiing and Climbing, near Sugarbowl, Coldstream Canyon, Mark, Joel. ([ Mark's trip report].)

Feb 2-3, Damento Juggling Festival, at UC Davis.

During January 2002, Buildering at UNSW - Elec Eng, Civil.

But of course, that would have nothing to do with me, would it? Although I guess that time trying to rappel down the inside of the Electrical Engineering Building from the winch, when the security guard turned up, must have been a dead giveaway. Lucky I've skipped the country by now, hey? Check out the buildering page.


December 9 2001, Resort Skiing, Kirkwood, Mark Miller and Thomas Marshall.

We left shortly after 5am, and fitted in a fairly full day of skiing, with the drive to and from Tahoe! We had a bit of snow on the way up, and a small delay to get chains. We probably started skiing around 11am, and visited all of the open lifts. Mark and Thomas were on snowboards, and I was on hire (yech!) skis. I was really pleasantly suprised by how quickly I remembered how to ski, and ended up skiing fairly well, by my standards - much more aggressively than usual! Leaning forward and committing to slopes really helps :-) The weather was intermittent, mostly pleasant with a few excoriating spindrifts near the ridge. Fun!

November 21-24 2001, Climbing, Joshua Tree National Park.

Woodsy, Wouter and I drove down Wednesday night, and back Saturday night, after it started raining in J Tree. Thursday I climbed in the Wonderland of Rock, with Wouter - Lightning Crack, a 5.7 on South Astro Dome, toproped If You Really Loved Me You'd Buy Me A Turkey, 5.10b, an appropriately named climb for the weekend, a 5.6 on the west side of S. Astro Dome, and Lead Us Not Into Temptation, a nice 5.9. That night Yossi, Chris Tuffley and I headed out to the Headstone for a brief moonlit climb, at 5.6. Friday morning I started off with Magdalene, climbing Out On A Limb, a nice bolted 5.10b, and then Deceptive Corner, a 5.7. In the afternoon I climbed Stichter Quits and another 5.6 corner with Woodsy and Wouter, before returning to camp. A pleasant evening around the campfire followed. Saturday morning saw some slacklining, and then a trip to Cap Rock. With Danielle, Mark and Vouter I climbed Circus, a 5.2, and a 5.4, and then followed Yossi on a nice 5.10a nearby. Returning to camp, the weather looked nasty, and as the forecast was unencouraging, the exodus began. Most of us stopped at a decent Thai buffet in Joshua Tree, before the long drive home.

November 2-4 2001, Climbing, Lover's Leap, Tahoe, Yossi Farjoun, Magdalene Normandeau. (some of Yossi's photos)

Surrealistic Pillar (5.7) Corrugation Corner (5.7) Hospital Crack (5.10) Traveller's Buttress (5.9)

November 1 2001. Again, I had nothing to do with this.

October 28 2001, Climbing, Cosumnes River Gorge, Chris Tuffley, Joel Kamnitzer, Theresa Chow.

We climbed various routes - it was the first climbing for Joel and Theresa, so we set up some climbs around 5.6, and climbed a few extras nearby. Mark Miller and Dave also turned up (without a rope - luckily we had a spare). At the end of the day Chris and I climbed Trout Fishing, a hard slab by the side of the pool.

October 12-14 2001, Climbing Yosemite Valley, Kelly Carbone (also Magdalene Normandeau, Chris Williams, Jen, Kevin, and Shaun).

Saturday we climbed Peruvian Flake 5.10a (I led, annoyingly grabbing a piece of gear at the crux), Y-crack, 5.10a, and something over on Glacier Point Apron 5.10c (we only did the first pitch, at 5.10c). Sunday, with Shaun, we blitzed the Royal Arches Route, descending North Dome gully, 5 hours car-to-car.

October 5-7 2001, Lodi Juggling Festival, Lodi, Eva Rittweger, Theresa Chow, Jeff Zergler, Arun, Keelan, et al. (photos) (wow!)

October 1 2001, Full moon hike, Tilden, many people.

September 22 2001, Climbing at the Pinnacles, Magdalene, Greg, Vanessa.

Almost no sleep the night before -- Theresa's Wallace and Gromit party! (her photos) Climbed a few 5.8-5.10a routes, and led, with about 3 falls/rests, some 5.11a sport route (pod?)

September 14-16 2001, Tenaya Canyon, Yossi Farjoun, Mark Miller, Chris Tuffley, Magdalene Normandeau. ([ Mark's trip report]) (photos)

August 31 - September 2 2001, Hiking, Mt Tyndall, Sierras. Mike Scarpulla, Liesl Folks, Brak Maks, Peter Shepard. (photos)

August 24-26 2001, Climbing, Tuolumne Meadows. Rainer Malaka (also Gene Tani and another). Cathedral Peak, Eichorn Pinnacle, Tenaya Peak. (photos)

At this point, I moved to Berkeley, CA!

~ August 7 2001. I had absolutely nothing to do with the events described at the UNSW Buildering page.

August 3-5 2001, Three Peaks, Emma Murray. (Emma's trip report, or as pdf, from the NSW Rogaining Association September 2001 Newsletter) (see also Brian's report on his trip) (also Simon Angus' earlier report)

July 17-21, Hyams Beach, climbing at Point Perpendicular, Murrays beach, Pidgeonhouse Mountain, Andrew Collins, Owain (Andrew's trip report in a BMC newsletter, which includes a few photos)

July 15-17, Blue Lake, failed mountaineering trip. Owain, Andrew Collins.

July 11-13, 2001, Bushwalking in the Lower Grose Valley, (Strawn's Gully, ? crags), Owain

July 7-8, NavShield, Emma Murray (webpage, with results)

June 29-30, Rockclimbing, Burramoko Buttress, 19, Giovanni (also Adele and Tam) (trip report)

May 25-27, Endeavour Club Reunion weekend, Wolgan Valley. Giovanni and I climbed a few hardish routes Saturday, then took some of the younger guys on Balls Up on Sunday - a fitting recap of one of my earliest Endeavour Club climbing trips.

May 5-6, ACT Rogaining Championships, Jonna (also there Adrian Smith, Emma Murray, others)

At some point around here I climbed for the second time Margarine Ridge, on Mt Hay, with Giovanni. Much easier this time! :-) Drove up with Constance, turned down an offer of real beds at her friend's place, and drove out the Mt Hay road. Drank wine, killed the car battery (worked in the morning, thankfully!) and slept under the stars, before a beautiful day of climbing.

April 7-8 2001, Mt Solitary, Narrowneck Bluff, Jonna

We trained to Katoomba, walked down the Giant Staircase, and out to camp on Mt Solitary. I'd never camped there; it's a beautiful place, and we had it to ourselves. Sunday morning we scrambled back down (Jonna's only 19, and I learnt all about genetics and protein synthesis), headed back towards Ruined Castle, (stopping for nurglers at the track junction, if I remember aright,) and thence to Narrowneck Bluff. The climb was pretty straightforward. How many times have I done it by now? I've lost count! First time with Adrian, another time with Adele and Suzanna (?), with Bob, with Chris and Shannon, and finally with Jonna. It's worth the trip, although the hike out to Mt Solitary carrying climbing gear is a little harder than usual! I'm pretty sure Jonna enjoyed the climb, although she hadn't done very much. The view from the final pitch is incredible. -Dec-2001

March 30 - April 1, Boree Log 2001, many many people!

March 17-18, March 25, Remote Area First Aid Course

February 24-25, Canyoning, Hole-in-the-Wall, Sheep Dip, ???

Climbing Barrenjoey, Marc Chee, Owain Williams, Andrew Collins

Canyoning Kanangra Main, Owain Williams, Bob Groneman, Scott Farquah (sp? Bob's friend).

Canyoning Bungleboori. Four Dope Canyon, Banks Canyon. Owain Williams, Bob Groneman, Adele Morrison, Tim, Andrew Collins, James Southwell.


30/11/00-6/1/01 Trekking, Nepal. Chris Pardoe, Sharon Mason. (photos)

Climbing, Narrowneck, and Narrowneck Bluff. Chris Pardoe, Sharon Mason.

I'd completely forgotten this one! Chris and Sharon headed up to the mountains to do some climbing, and I joint them over a weekend. We did two easy climbs at Narrowneck - Cave Climb, and something else right nearby. I think in the afternoon either Chris or I led that 9 bolt climb not far from the ladders - I forget the name, but it ends at chains under the roof. We slept in the Narrowneck Hilton, drank hot chocolate, and I read some of the second hand copy of the Three Musketeers I'd picked up in Katoomba from Mr. Parker's bookstore. The next day we went up and over Narrowneck, and out to Narrowneck Bluff. I made a terrible mistake navigating, and a proposed shortcut turned into a nightmare scrub-bash, which didn't impress Sharon one bit. Following the Ruined Castle track up to the saddle is far preferable! The climb was superb. 8-Dec-2001

Canyoning Claustral. Owain Williams, Bob Groneman, Lou Pastro, Chris Pardoe, Sharon Mason.

Owain was a little grumpy being woken up at 1am. A great night out, showing some poms the best of Sydney canyoning.

27/9/00 or thereabouts, Bushwalking, northern Wollemi, Owain Williams, Shaun Chau, Brian Hawkins, Jonna Terkildsen

Perhaps a good place to go looking for the Wollemi Pine - we didn't see it, but it's gotta be somewhere around here :-) There's a magnificent rock arch down at the entrance of Lost World crater, on the southern side, above the narrow creek section.

September 2000, or thereabouts, Climbing, a week in the Grampians and at Mt Arapiles. Nathan Paoloni, Ben Cirulis, Marc Chee, Andrew Collins, Owain Williams, Rob, Deb Cromer, Bob Groneman. (Marc's brief [ trip report])

A week of rain! Not quite, but we didn't get as much climbing done as we'd been hoping. Memorable moments included a very loud game of Mao late at night in a tent, taking a whipper aiding some 21 at Mt Rosa, and a superb moonlit climb on Tiptoe Ridge, Mt Arapiles.

18/8/00-19/8/00 Canyoning, Kalang Falls. Owain Williams, Lou Pastro, Adele, Andrew Collins, Andrew Mitchell.

4/8/00-6/8/00 Cross Country Ski-ing, Guthega River. Owain Williams, Lou Pastro, Bob Groneman, Cam Hollows, Deborah Cromer, Graeme.

Mmmm.... stir-fry, tuxedos, and fire clubs! Didn't get very far, however. Bob's famous maple-syrup drinking episode on the way down on Sunday.

29/7/00 Ropes Course, Queens Park. Jason Hollis, James Southwell, Jonna Terkildsen, Carola, Ben Tsang, Ben Cirulis, Marc Chee, Tom Sobey, Bob Groneman, Owain Williams, Lou Pastro, Peter Folger.

First time I met Jonna, and the night that started it all with Anne, as it turns out! What a day - Lou, Bob, Owain et al. sneakily convinced me to change the date, so this ended up coinciding with my 21st birthday party. Not that I had any idea of that, of course!

22/7/00 Mountain biking, Kurrajong Heights, Pattersons fire trail, Bluebird Hill. Owain Williams, Lou Pastro, Bob Groneman.

15-16/7/00 Australian Rogaining Championships, Gundy, Hunter Valley, 1140 points, Daniel Trambaiolo.

Coated with burrs on top of Mt Black, slept a few hours after midnight, then followed other groups in through the morning.

11/6/00 Formal Dinner and Rockclimbing, Three Sisters. Skyline Traverse Route and dinner on the 3rd Sister. Bob Groneman, Kim Hoover-Sadler, Lou Pastro, Ben Cirulis, Andrea, Mark Chee, Andrew Collins, Mark Aiken, Daniel Trambaiolo, Garreth Biegun, Adele, Arianna Cowling.

20/5/00 Rock Climbing, Mt Hay, Margarine Ridge. Bob Groneman, Antii Koskelo.

Awesome :-) Quite difficult (although my later Mt Hay trip with Gio was straightforward) routefinding at times. Finished by starlight, with the Grose valley below us.

7/5/00 Rock Climbing, Mt Boyce. Keo Phetsaya, Lou Pastro, Andrew Wong, Marc Chee. Led a sporty 21.

28-29/4/00 Bushwalking, Grose Valley. Perry's Lookdown, Blue Gum Forest, Grand Canyon. Daniel Trambaiolo.

A great little trip - the walk out to Perry's takes a while, and we were lucky to get a lift back into Katoomba. We didn't know about not drinking the Grose river water, and both ended up quite sick after the trip!

21-23/4/00 Climbing, Point Perpendicular (Kiss, Grey Mist, Dreams and Visions, Man Overboard), Ben Cirulis, Yves, Andrea. (Ben's [ trip report])

15-16/4/00 Rogaining, NSW Championships, Six Brothers, 500 points, Adele Morrison

18/3/00 Climbing at Shipley Upper. Keo Phetsaya, Maria, Antti.

10/3/00 Caving Bungongia B45. Started off as an attempt on Waterfall of Moss by night, and subsequently moved on to Jenolan, and finally Bungonia. Andrew Collins, Lou Pastro, Adele Morrison, Suzanna Richards. (Andrew's [ trip report])

also during January and February 2000

  • Otford to Era, Royal National Park, Bob Groneman, Gina, Lou Pastro. (quite a trip, if I remember rightly, even if we didn't walk very far!)
  • Mountain Biking, Oakes Fire Trail, Lou Pastro, Kim.
  • Climbing, Barrenjoey, Lou, ?
  • Galah and Sheep Dip Canyons, Adele Morrison Suzanna Richards, Bob Groneman, Gina.

17/2/00 Serendipity Canyon, by night, Lou Pastro, Bob Groneman. (trip report)

24-27/2/00 Exploratory Canyoning Nayook Creek, Daniel Trambaiolo, Graham Morrison, Lou Pastro.

26/1/00 Whungee-Wheengee Canyon, Adele Morrison, Suzanna Richards, Graham Morrison.


also at the end of 1999

  • Otford to Bundeena, Royal National Park, Poppy Egan, Hugo Egan.
  • Claustral Canyon by night, Hindrik Buining, Diego Dediana, Mic Rofe, Bob Groneman, and others.
  • Boar's Head Canyon, the Narrowneck Tunnel, and Narrowneck Bluff, Bob Groneman, and another.

27/12/99 - 18/1/00 NZ Mountaineering, Mt Aspiring NP, Mt Cook NP. Adrian Cooper, Mic Rofe, Chris Windier, Giovanni Trambaiolo, Adele Morrison. (A partial trip report. The other two parts are around somewhere!)

18/11/99 Canyoning, Rocky Creek and Sheep Dip. Bob Groneman, Daniel Trambaiolo, Heather Trevarthen, Owain Williams.

17/10/99 Cliffcare work at Mt Piddington. Adele, many others.

8-10/10/99 Canyoning at the Wolgan, Pipeline and Starlight Canyons. Lou Pastro, Bob Groneman, Owain Williams, Emily, Jamie, Leo. (Bob's [ trip report])

18-19/9/99 XC Skiing Mt Kosciuzko NP, Cootapatamba Hut. Daniel Marlay, Dave Selby. (Daniel's [ trip report])

3-5/9/99 Climbing at the Watagans, near Newcastle. Bob Groneman, Ben Cirulis, and others.

(I started maintaining this list at approximately this point in time, so below there are no dates, and probably lots of missing trips which I've forgotten about!)

Shortly after arriving back in Australia

  • Climbing, Frog Buttress, Mt French, Queensland, Adele, Tam, Tam's friend who couldn't belay (on Resurrection?), Benji.
  • Hiking, Hichinbrook Island, Queensland, Adele, Tam, Pam, Graham.
  • Climbing, Piddington & the 3 Sisters, Bob, Suzanna, Oliver Story
  • Climbing, Mt Arapiles, Victoria.
  • Climbing, 3 Sisters, Lou Pastro, Adele, Suzanna, and Rosie Richards. (remember the pub crawl with Lou and Daniel Marlay?)

ancient history

While in the US, studying at PennState 1998-1999

  • Climbing, Cathedral Ledge, New Hampshire, Adele.
  • Climbing, Seneca, West Virginia, Chris, John Roe, others.
  • Hiking, Western Pennsylvannia, Chris, others.
  • White water rafting, New River Gorge, West Virginia.
  • Bouldering, rafting, West Virginia.
  • Hiking, Big Bend National Park, Texas. (photos)
  • Hiking, Assateague Island, Maryland, Daniel Genin, Andrew Demond (some photos)
  • Zion, Grand Canyon, Arches, Bryce Canyon National Parks, Utah and Arizona, Andy, Jess Anderson. (photos)
  • Hiking, climbing, Yosemite National Park, California. (photos)

The Endeavour Club period formally ends here, when I left Grammar and headed to UNSW. Of course, this didn't stop me from tagging along with Adrian! :-)

Early Climbing

  • Three Sisters
  • Narrowneck
  • Mt Blackheath
  • Ida Ridge (ancient Churinga trip report, and a copy of the hard to find guidebook.)
  • Mt York
  • Booroomba
  • Tarana
  • Mt Arapiles
  • Mt Piddington
  • Wolgan Valley

Early Canyoning Trips

  • Kanangra Main
  • Claustral
  • Wollangambe I and II, Upper Wollangambe
  • Du Faurs Creek
  • Bell Creek
  • Pipeline, Starlight.
  • a side trip to the Wollangambe Crater

Early Tasmanian Bushwalking

  • Summer 97-98 Overland Track, Pine Valley, Pam Morrison, Graham Morrison, Daniel Trambaiolo, Tamara Messinbird, Adele Morrison.
  • Summer 96-97 South Coast Track, Cockle Bay to Melaleuca. Daniel Trambaiolo, Giovanni Trambaiolo, Pam Morrison, Graham Morrison
  • Summer 95-96 Overland Track, Pine Valley. Ravi Glasser-Vora, Graham Morrison
  • Summer 94-95 Walls of Jerusalem, to Overland Track and the Wolfram Mines. Graham Morrison, others from the Endeavour Club.