Former group members

Dominic Weiller (PhD student 2017-)
Dominic is working on TQFTs and the 3-category of Frobenius algebras in a braided tensor category.
Paul Wedrich (postdoc October 2017-2019)
Paul works on Khovanov homology and quantum topology
Daniel Barter (postdoc February 2018-2019)
Daniel works in representation theory, topological matter, and higher categories.
Keeley Hoek (Honours student 2019)
Keeley's thesis studied annulus categories and Drinfeld centres, proving an equivalence in the semisimple case, and generalising to the case of annulus categories labelled by bimodules.
Mitchell Rowett (Honours student 2019)
Mitchell's thesis studied tensor products of tensor module categories over braided categories, and de-equivariantisation, including the new example $Ad E_8 \otimes_{\mathsf{Fib}} Ad E_8'$.
Yiming Xu (Honours student 2019, cosupervised with Michael Norrish.)
Yiming's thesis formalised some material on modal logic in HOL.
Jack Brand (Honours student 2018)
Jack is working on Khovanov homology, in particular understanding slice genus bounds.
Jane Tan (Honours student 2018, cosupervised with Brendan McKay.)
Jane's thesis was on quartic planar graphs.
Keeley Hoek (undergraduate research student, semester 2 2018)
Keeley worked on heuristics for solving lemmas of the form $A=B$ by successive rewriting of subexpressions, in the interactive theorem prover Lean. (report)
Jack Crawford (undergraduate research student, semester 2 2018
Jack Crawford formalised Gaussian elimination in Lean. (report) (presentation)
Corey Jones (postdoc mid 2016-mind 2018)
Corey works on $C^*$-tensor categories, quantum groups, modular tensor categories, and planar algebras. Corey is now a postdoc at Ohio State.
Cain Edie-Michell (PhD student 2015-2018)
Cain's project was on Brauer-Picard groupoids of ADE categories, classifying graded extensions of fusion categories, and modular tensor categories. Cain is now a postdoc at Vanderbilt.
Hazel Browne (summer student 2017-2018)
Hazel studied the Khovanov homology of tangles, comparing Khovanov's and Bar-Natan's approaches. Hazel is now doing honours in pure mathematics at Sydney.
Fei Lu (summer student 2017-2018)
Fei learnt about interactive theorem proving, in particular the language Lean.
Edric Wang (summer student 2017-2018)
Edric studied tensor categories and module categories.
Angus Gruen (honours student 2017, University Medal)
Angus computed Drinfeld centres of the pointed fusion categories, proving Gannon's formulas for the S and T matrices, and preparing a database of modular data for group of order less than 48. Angus is starting a PhD in mathematics at Caltech in 2018.
Sam Quinn (honours student - co-supervised with Tony Licata)
Sam's thesis was on Pivotal categories, matrix units, and towers of biadjunctions. Sam is starting a PhD in mathematics at Chicago in 2018.
An Ran Chen (honours student 2017 - supervised by Corey Jones)
An Ran's thesis was on Generalized Frobenius-Schur Indicators for Spherical Fusion Categories. An Ran is starting a PhD in mathematics at UC San Diego in 2018.
Hoel Queffelec (postdoc 2014-2015)
Hoel is now a member of the CNRS, based at Montpellier.
Zsuzsanna Dancso (postdoc 2015-2017)
Zsuzsi is now a senior lecturer and DECRA fellow at the University of Sydney.
Stephen Morgan (postdoc 2016)
Stephen is now at the University of Sydney.
Yanbai Zhang (honours student 2016-2017)
Yanbai's thesis was on the Temperley-Lieb categories, the toric code, and Levin-Wen models. He's now started a masters degree at Imperial College London.
Benjamin Thompson (honours student 2016)
Ben's thesis was on Khovanov homology for rational tangles. Ben is now working 'down the road'.
Hilary Hunt (honours student 2014)
Hilary's thesis was on the cobordism action for Khovanov homology.
Joshua Chen (honours student 2013-2014)
Josh's thesis was on The Temperley-Lieb categories and skein modules and is available on the arXiv. Josh is now studying at the University of Bonn.
Adam Clearwater (summer student 2015-2016)
Adam's project investigated further examples of graphs with cyclotomic graph norms, following the techniques of Calegari and Guo. Adam is now studying at UPenn
Narjess Afzaly (PhD student 2016, co-supervised with Brendan McKay)
Narjess wrote a joint paper with David Penneys and me as part of her thesis work.
Tejas Iyer (honours student 2016, co-supervised with Brendan McKay)
Florrie Verity (honours student 2015-2016, co-supervised with Dirk Pattinson)
Florrie's thesis was on theorem verification applied to vote counting specifications. She's now doing a masters degree in computer science.


Although they were not my students, I'm hosting copies of honours theses for some students here:
Hannah Keese
(honours thesis with Tony Licata) subsequently at Paris (masters program) and Cornell (PhD program)
Dominic Weiller
(honours thesis with Joan Licata) subsequently doing a PhD with me
Adele Jackson
(honours thesis with Joan Licata)