My current research statement is available in PDF format. You can read summaries of two of my current major projects, studying fusion categories and subfactors and the blob complex. You might also like the Miller Fellow Focus article, written for a broader audience, from the Spring 2011 Miller Institute Newsletter.

You can read about the theses and research projects of my recent students.
I have held the following grants:
Future Fellowship, Quantum Symmetries, FT170100019
Discovery Project, Low dimensional categories, DP160103479
Discovery Project, Symmetries of Subfactors, DP140100732
2014-2016, joint with Pinhas Grossman and Vaughan Jones
Discovery Early Career Research Award, Fusion categories and topological quantum field theory, DE120100232.
DARPA grant Quantum Symmetries, HR0011-12-1-0009
2012-2014, joint with Vaughan Jones, Dietmar Bisch, Dmitri Shlyakhtenko, and Kevin Walker.
Sloan development grant, MathOverflow
2013-2014, joint with D. Brown, S. Carnahan, A. Geraschenko, F. Dorais, and B. Webster. (proposal) (2014 report) (2015 report)
I have made the following unsuccessful grant applications:
Discovery Project, 2013 round
Future Fellowship, 2014 round
Go8 DAAD Joint Research Co-operation scheme, 2014 round
Joint with James Tener.

With Noah Snyder, I am organising a summer school at the MSRI on subfactors, in June 2017. You can read the proposal.

With Terry Gannon, David Penneys, and Julia Plavnik, I am organising a workshop on Fusion categories and subfactors at the Banff International Research Station in October 2018. You can read the proposal.

With Noah Snyder, I am organising a summer school at the MSRI on subfactors, in June 2017. You can read the proposal.

With Vaughan Jones, David Penneys, Emily Peters and Noah Snyder, I organized a workshop on Subfactors and Fusion Categories for 2014 at the Banff International Research Station.

With Noah Snyder and Eric Rowell, I ran a workshop on Classifying Fusion Categories at AIM in March 2012. I encourage you to read and contribute to the problem list! You can read our proposal and report.

In 2015 I applied for promotion to Associate Professor at the Australian National University. Application materials:

In 2010 I applied at UC San Diego, Caltech, Sydney University and the Australian National University for tenure track jobs. I interviewed at all four, and received offers at Sydney and ANU. I've accepted a Senior Lecturer position at ANU to start mid-2012.

Application materials:

In 2008 I applied (successfully) for a Miller Fellowship at UC Berkeley; here is my single page research statement.

I also have two older research statements,